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Daily warm up - speech

WOW! Word ladders

Look at the words in the box which have been taken from our story. Choose one. What do you think it means? 



Now read the sentence that the word appears in. Do you still think the words have the meaning you initially thought? Yes/No? Why? Does the use of the word in the sentence help your understanding?

Choose a few of the words and create a synonym vocabulary bank for that word in a 'scale' of power or by how 'WOW!' you think that word is. There is an example below for you to look at. Using WordHippo, synonyms were found for bewildered and some exciting ones chosen to be included on the vocabulary strip. The next challenge is to create some sentences using your favourite new words. 


Mrs Hunter was perplexed as to where she had left her copy of The Secret Lake, which she had taken with her on a drive up to the Lakes.


Send photos of your super work to year3@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk