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It's time to start writing your Secret Lake style story!

Here is a reminder of the things you should be thinking about when writing your story.

Today, you are going to write the beginning section of the story.

Start with the Tom and Stella characters digging for treasure, feeling worried about the Charlie Green character and about seeing the animal soaking wet and chasing after it but they are called home to visit Grandparents.

Here is an example:

The afternoon sun burnt down upon Peter and Violet's backs as they frantically dug the soil away from the brown, wooden boat. 

"We've nearly got it out, Vi!" Peter whispered excitedly as he didn't want Fred Black, the groundsman to hear him. Because she was so hot, Violet sat back on her heels, wiped her forehead with her grubby hand and took a long slug of her water bottle. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw old Mrs Shine's pet rabbit shooting out from under a cluster of trees and scamper across the lawn towards the house. It was shaking it's fur rapidly and spraying water in every direction! 

"Peter, look!" she shrieked. "There's Benji, old Mrs Shine's rabbit. He's back again! But why is he soaking wet? There's no water over there?"

Peter spun round and caught a glimpse of Benji disappearing behind one of the rhododendron bushes.

" I don't know Vi, let's follow him!"

Before the children could take chase, they heard their mother's familar call, "Peter, Violet! Come in now, we're off to Granny's house!"

The children felt deflated, all their excitement evaporated into thin air. We'll have to follow Benji tomorrow, they both agreed.