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Tuesday 5th January

WALT: To retrieve information from a text. 


We are starting a new class novel this half term called

'The Jamie Drake Equation' by Christopher Edge


Today we are going to read Chapter 1 of our class novel.


You can access this chapter in three ways:

1) Read the chapter which is found below;

2) Access the first chapter on the following website:


3) Listen to the first chapter read by Mrs Mobbs. 




Mrs Mobbs - The Jamie Drake Equation (Chapter 1)

 *Click on each page to make them bigger.
As packs will not be available until Wednesday, write your answers on a piece of paper if you do not have access to a printer.smiley

How quickly can you skim and scan the text for the answers?

When you find the answer in the text, write it in a full sentence eg:


What is Jamie's full name?

Jamie's full name is Jamie Drake.


Activity 2


Jamie's dad is working on the International Space Station.



What is the International Space Station?

Find out three facts about it and jot them down.

Use the following website to help your research:



yesWhen we come across new words or information in a book, it is important to research it. This will give us a greater understanding of the book and will make the story more enjoyable!



Here are the spellings for this week: