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The Wind in the Willows  

Chapter 10 - The further adventures of Toad  


Please listen to Chapter 10 via Torrisholme TV

Part 1 - https://torrisholme-community-primary-school.primarysite.media/media/chapter-10-part-1 

Part 2 - https://torrisholme-community-primary-school.primarysite.media/media/chapter-10-part-2 

Part 3 - https://torrisholme-community-primary-school.primarysite.media/media/chapter-10-part-3 



Toad wakes early and sees a passing canal barge. He spins another tall tale about being 'in the washing and laundering line' and is welcomed aboard. But there's a problem: the barge-woman has various items she would like washed and Toad is bound to struggle.


The barge-woman realises that Toad has 'never washed so much as a dish-cloth in your life' and Toad loses his temper. He is thrown into the canal but gets his own back by stealing the barge-woman's horse to make his escape.


Shortly after the very same motor car that he has previously stolen comes along the road. Toad is taken on board... with predictably disastrous consequences.




The barge woman has quite a low opinion of Toad.


‘”Well I never! A horrid, nasty, crawly Toad...”’


She makes clear that Toad is not a person but an animal.  Toad’s has a different description of himself,


‘”...I am a Toad, a very well-known, respected, distinguished Toad!”’


Which one do pupils agree with and why? Write your opinion  inside the outline of Toad.