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The Wind in the Willows  

Chapter 8 - Toad's adventures


Please listen to Chapter 8  via Torrisholme TV 

Part 1 - https://torrisholme-community-primary-school.primarysite.media/media/chapter-8-part-1 

Part 2 - https://torrisholme-community-primary-school.primarysite.media/media/chapter-8-part-2  




The gaoler's daughter takes pity on Toad the prisoner. She introduces Toad to her aunt - a washerwoman - and Toad is disguised in a dress and bonnet. Toad is surprised to find just how easy it is to make his escape.


Toad makes his way to the local train station, but has no money. Undaunted he persuades the engine-driver to take him without a ticket on the promise of much free washing to come.


The journey begins easily enough but then they see a second train chasing them - the police. Toad must rely on the engine-driver once again, and at the appropriate moment Toad jumps from the cab and takes shelter in the woods. 


Task - A timeline of Toad's emotions


Many extraordinary things happen to Toad in this chapter 8. On the timeline (link below) describe how Toad is feeling when each of these events happen. Try to write more than one single word each time.