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Group 1

Wednesday 10th February 2021


Watch the clip, where Mulan’s friends discover she is female, and has been lying to them the whole time. In the film, Mulan faces great danger if the Imperial Army discover she is a woman. When her true identity is revealed, she is banished from the Army and left in the mountains.

Mulan - A Life For A Life (with English subs)

Activity 1

Today you will be writing a telegram to the Emperor, in the shoes of one of Mulan’s friends from the Army.


Your writing should be in the first person. Think about the tone of your telegram, you are writing to the Imperial Emperor, so it will be quite formal.


Your telegram should either be for or against the Emperor killing Mulan for what she has done.


Are you trying to support Mulan? Or betray her and tell the Emperor she should be killed?


Decide whether you are supporting Mulan or betraying her, and then jot down some ideas supporting your argument.


The challenge today is to keep your writing as succinct as possible, as your telegram needs to be less than 100 words.

Telegrams charged their users for each word written in the message, so the longer the telegram, the more expensive it would be.