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Day 2 Wednesday



Warm-up: Mental Arithmetic Session 

In 10 minutes, see if you can complete the sections, A, B and you can move onto C tomorrow.


Main activity: Counting money in pounds

You will need: £1 and £2, £5, £10 and £20 coins/notes if possible.



Complete the activity sheet.


Extension- Write down the different ways you can make £2.


Answers for the activity will be added onto the website for you to self-mark to check your progress.


Re-read Chapter 1 together.

Use a coloured pen to highlight all the information you read about Suzy.


Now create a top trumps card about Suzy using the information you have read.

You could rate her intellect or her fearlessness. Her imagination or her questioning skills.

Don’t forget to add her name and a picture.


 Share your cards with us by emailing year3@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk 


Day 2 - Terrific Topic!



You should have a topic book titled, ‘Volcanoes, & Earthquakes’ and an ‘Activity Book’. This is a non-fiction book. Firstly, take a look at the contents page. What page would I find information on ‘Types of Volcano’? What does a contents page tell us? Next, turn to page 36. What is a Glossary?  How is it ordered? Why is it useful in a non-fiction book?



Look at Section one- Inside the Earth (page 2 and 3). Read over these two pages and discuss with an adult.

Login to Purple Mash and click on the ‘Alert’ button at the top of the homepage. There will be a 2do task set for you called ‘Layers of the Earth’.

Alternatively, draw and label the layers of the Earth in your exercise book.



Your second activity of the day is to complete our mini bootcamp!


  1. PE- New Year Bootcamp – Repeat this three times.
  1. X 10 star jumps
  2. X 10 hops
  3. Jog on the spot for 30 seconds
  4. X 10 touch the floor, touch the sky jumps.
  5. Balance on one leg for 10 seconds