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Summer 2

Beside the Seaside

What a great day we have had 'Beside the Seaside!' Thank you to all of our volunteers and to Small Paul the Balloon Man- for helping our day to be very enjoyable.

Today we talked about Baptism 💦

In Maths, we have been representing two-digit numbers in different ways and then comparing them.

We’ve arrived at the seaside! Over the next few weeks we are going to be learning about the geography of the seaside and how the seaside has changed over the years. We will be learning about rock pools and the different animals you find in there and we will be using this knowledge to help us create our own rock pools. We will be developing our drawing skills by sketching shells and other seaside items.


We have made our own seaside Bee Bot mats🦀🐟🐋

We are learning about Islam and how to look after our amazing world. The children loved retelling the story of the 7 kittens.

Making a rock pool.

Summer 1

The Secret Garden


This half term we will open the door to Torrisholme's Secret Garden...

We will step inside and explore...

We'll learn about the birds and the trees...

The flowers and the bees...

The plants, the wildlife and much more!


Today we enjoyed programming Bee Bots. Some went a bit off road at times!

This week we had an unwanted visitor in Year 1. The children were so surprised to see the Evil Pea on Thursday. He had caused havoc in the classroom. Thankfully one of our Super Vegetables had saved the day and captured the Evil Pea in some gloopy glue. The children used this event to write the most amazing stories. Ask them to tell you all about it!

We have been looking at artwork created by Andy Goldsworthy. He uses natural materials and arranges them in to circles and spirals to create striking images. First, we practiced making spirals and circles using ribbons and chalk. Then we had a go at creating work in his style. Take a look.

On Thursday, our class had an All Stars Cricket taster session. We practiced lots of skills. It was great fun!

Introducing our newest Super Vegetables. The stars of our up and coming stories based on Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

We LOVED our first 'Gym stars' session! We practiced lots of skills such as rolling, hopping, jumping and balancing and had lots of fun trying out the machines.

Today we enjoyed a tree and flower hunt. 🌷🌻We are starting to understand the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees🌲🌳