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Wednesday 20th January



Warm-up: Number of the Day

Complete all the questions related to the number in the star.


Main activity: Compare angles

You need the right angle finder.


Watch the teaching video on the website and complete the activity sheet.





  • Complete the handwriting task in your exercise book. Remember to make the letter sizes correct and join carefully.
  • SPAG Noun Phrases – add in adjectives to complete the sentences.


ENGLISH: Look at The Goaties – How to Spot One (comparison table). We are going to have a vocabulary focus from the full section of The Goaties so far. Here are some words we have pulled out from the text: Zap, pongy, chuck, hollow, weird, fight, horrible. Can you find them and underline them?


Task – children can use WordHippo/dictionary and thesaurus to find definitions and synonyms.



Train Like an Astronaut.

Time yourself for 30 seconds and repeat Monday’s training exercises. Can you beat your score?


Choose an activity from the Space topic grid.