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Group 1

Monday 1st February 2021


Today is the first day of our new story called Mulan.


Activity 1 - Starter

Listen and read along to the beginning of the story (Day 1 powerpoint)

Answer these five questions to check your understanding:


1) Why does the author describe the Great Wall of China as 'snakelike'?

2) Who is the leader of the Huns?

3) Who is 'Little Brother'?

4)Why must Mulan impress the matchmaker?

5)Who must serve in the Imperial army to fight the Huns?


Activity 2 - Main

smileyWe are going to look at some of the vocabulary in the story. If we know the meanings of these words, they will help us understand the story better.

You will need

  • a dictionary (can be online - try Cambridge dictionary online) 
  • the following sheet to work on (this is available on Google Classrooms)


Find the definition to each of the following words in the dictionary and write a sentence using that word.






Answers to five starter questions:

1) Because the wall is curved and looks like a slithering snake.

2) The leader of the Huns is called Shan-Yu.

3) 'Little Brother' is Mulan's pet dog.

4) Mulan must impress the matchmaker to bring honour to her family.

5) One man from every family must serve in the Imperial army.