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Autumn 2

The children have loved learning about inherited and environmental characteristics today. They chose a Mr Man character and a Little Miss character and created an offspring who had inherited different characteristics from each parent. Here are some of their results.

We enjoyed painting our clay lighthouses

Today, we experienced using Learning by questions in our Maths lesson and we absolutely loved doing our maths work in this way - our learning is moved on at our pace and we are provided with instant feedback! We are really looking forward to using LBQ more regularly to enhance our learning

We used clay to create tiles for our Letters from the Lighthouse themed display board.

Year 6 had the best afternoon working with Reception to make poppies for our hall remembrance display. The children worked brilliantly together and we can’t wait to work with Reception again very soon!

Today, we visited the Church of the Ascension to participate in a Remembrance service. The children were all impeccably well-behaved and had such a lovely time together.

We enjoyed having a go at black out poetry. We carefully selected powerful words and phrases from a text to create a poem about remembrance.