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Session 5 Monday



Warm-up: Fire up those neurons and get ready for today’s Flashback Four questions. 


Main activity: Adding money


Children to follow the instructions on the sheet.


Answers for the activity will be added onto the website for you to self-mark to check your progress.


Continue enjoying Chapter 2, read all of pages 10 and 11 and part way down page 12 stopping at ‘I mean what are you? Stammered Suzy.’


Draw a picture of what you think Fletch might look like.

Annotate the picture using words taken directly from the text to describe his appearance and any that describe his personality.


Day 5 – Terrific Topic


Read pages 6 and 7 ‘Clashes and Collisions’. Then answer questions in the ‘Activity Booklet’ on pages 6 and 7.