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Friday 08.01.21

Funky Hat Friday - Literacy

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Today Year 1 we are going to pretend that we are Goldilocks. We are going to write a letter to the three bears. What do you think Goldilocks would like to say to the three bears? Would she say sorry for eating the porridge? Would she think of a way to make it up to them? Or would she not be sorry at all? We can’t wait to read your letters Year 1!

Funky Hat Friday - Maths

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Order me!


Scavenger hunt time! Can you go around the house and collect 5 items which all have numbers on them? Bring them back to the table. Can you put them order from smallest to largest?

Pack them away and go again.


Grab that camera to take pictures of all the different items you found and placed in order.

Which order would they go in?

Funky Hat Friday - Which Dinosaur is Your Favourite?

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Which Dinosaur is Your Favourite?


Another roarsome adventure! Think about your favourite dinosaur? Is it a Tyrannosaurus?  Stegosaurus? Triceratops? Brontosaurus? Can you create a poster about your favourite dinosaur? Can you find out information about your dinosaur and add dinosaur facts about your favourite dinosaur? Is your favourite dinosaur an herbivore? Carnivore or omnivore?


Herbivore – Only eats plants.

Carnivore – Only eat meat.  These dinosaurs have to catch animals to eat.

Omnivore – Are dinosaurs that eats a variety of food of both plants and animals

Just for fun - why not have a sing along....

The Dinosaurs Song

Welcome to Big Word Club! My friends and I created Big Word Club to help parents and teachers improve their kids' vocabularies in fast and fun ways because w...

Funky Hat Friday - Spelling and Handwriting

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Handwriting Practise – ‘oa, ow and oe’


Today, following your handwriting sheet you are going to practise some of the words using the ‘oa, ow and oe’ sounds.


Can you make a poster of all of the ow, oa and oe words you can think of?


Remember to focus on keeping your handwriting neat and tidy.


Super Spelling


Common Exception Word Wordsearch

Can you find the common exception words in the wordsearch?