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Thursday 25th February

Attach your new sight word cards to the front of bowls/pots/buckets etc. Now say a word and ask your child to throw something into the bowl that has that word on the front. Here's an example of what the set up could look like below;
Watch the video below for some top writing tips before you start today's Literacy activity. Now use the sheet in your pack to write some sentences about what noise each animal makes in the story.  Sound talk and write down ‘the ….  said…’ using the animals name and the sound it makes. Allow your child to write the words as they sound e.g. they may write w-u-f for woof or s-e-d for said.

Writing Top Tips

Online Games – follow the links below to play some numbers to 20 online games.

-ICT games – whackamole

-Espresso – Foundation, Maths, Numbers 0-20, have a go at the videos and activities.