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Wednesday 3rd February


Cut out the fly sight words in your pack. An adult needs to shout out a sight word and a child uses something to swot the fly. You could use a shoe, rolled up paper - anything you like! 

Keep practising different sight words and take it in turns to swot it! 


Watch Mrs Robinson's video all about making a lift the flap book. Can you make your own by drawing pictures and hiding them with a flap? 

Literacy - Lift the flap book


Go to the topmarks website (the link is below). Search for Ten Frames 1-10. Click the add sign to create two ten frames. Now practise making numbers 11-15. Talk about how many ones there are, how many more to get to 20 and which two numbers make it. 

Do you know how many are in these ten frames?

Wider Curriculum

Please see the Chinese New Year Pick and Mix pack