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Tuesday 19th January



Warm-up: Number of the Day

Complete all the questions related to the number in the star.


Main activity: Right angles in shapes

You need the right angle finder.

Watch the teaching video on the website and complete the activity sheet.


Extension- go round your house with the right angle finder. Write a list of items that have right angles. Have fun!


Comprehension: Read the extract and answer the questions as fully as you can.


ENGLISH: Look at The Goaties – Life Cycles.

Do you notice how the information is organised today?


Task – use the info to create a life cycle diagram using circles and arrows.



Train Like an Astronaut.

Time yourself for 30 seconds. How many Commander Crunches (sit ups) can you complete?

Hold the Pilot Plank for 30 seconds?

Stand on one leg for the Gravity Hold for 30 seconds?

Rocket Race: In 30 seconds, how many shuttle runs  of 5m distance can you complete.

Try to beat your score each day.


Choose an activity from the Space topic grid.


Why not try the Space Crossword? You may need to do some research first unless your space knowledge is totally out of this world?!