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Year 6 enjoyed a Spanish cafe this afternoon.They were waiters,kitchen hands and customers. They really practised their Spanish.Some phrases used were ¿Qué quieres ? and  ¿Te gustan las aceitunas ?Well done ! 

Year 2B sing the vowel song A E I O U in Spanish .

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Juan Y las Judías mágicas class 2B

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Part 2

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Year 6

Year 6 have been learning about food in Spanish and how to say if they like it or not. We are planning to have a Spanish café at the end of term.

Year 5 Three Little Pigs Performances

Year five worked really hard on their pronunciation and intonation in Spanish for these performances. Some children even managed to memorise their lines in Spanish. ¡Estupendo!

5G Los tres cerditos performance part 1

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5G Los tres cerditos part 2

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5G Los tres Cerditos part 3

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5G sing Los tres Cerditos song

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5S perform Los tres cerditos for reception part 1

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5s perform Los Tres Cerditos part 2

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5S perform Los Tres Cerditos part 3

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Year 2 Jack and the Beanstalk

Year Two can read and understand this whole story in Spanish! ¡Fantástico!

2L Juan y las judías mágicas part 1.

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This story and the images are from the Grow Story Grow website.See growstorygrow.com for more details.This performance ended a half term of work on this story.We started by learning some key words then built them into sentences. We also had fun playing the giant game outside.

Juan y las judías magicas 2L part 2

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How to play Jack and the Giant game.

One person is chosen to be El Ogro. They shout the instructions from the front.

The rest of the children follow the instructions.


¡Trepa! -Mime climbing up the beanstalk.

¡Desciende!- climb down  the beanstalk.

 ¡El Ogro! - when the person who is on shouts this everyone else shouts ¡Socorro!

The ogre then tries to catch someone.

¡Socorro! -mime help and run away.

The person who is caught is the next ogre.


Year 6 playground games in Spanish

 Abuelito,abuelito ¿Qué hora es? Year 6 learned to play this game and how to say the phrases really well in Spanish. Well done!

6J playing the game Abuelito,Abuelito.

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Year 6T playing Abuelito,abuelito ¿Qué hora es?

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La araña pequeñita

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Class RB can join in with the song Incy Wincy Spider in Spanish.

¡ Hola !

Me llamo Señora Pitcher. My name is Señora Pitcher.

I  teach Spanish!


In Reception we are learning Incy Wincy Spider in Spanish!

La Araña Pequeñita -Incy Wincy Spider

La araña pequeñita subió, subió ,subió.
Vino la lluvia y se la llevó.
Salió el sol y todo lo secó.
Y la araña pequeñita subió ,subió ,subió.
La araña grandotota subió, subió ,subió.
Vino la lluvia y se la llevó.
Salió el sol y todo lo secó.
Y la araña grandotota subió, subió ,subió.

Year 1 Piratas


Year 1 are enjoying learning this song and the actions to go with it!


Canción Infantil El pirata valiente

This is a super simple song about Pirates in Spanish.

Year1B can join in with the pirata song!

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Summer Term Year 1

This half term we are learning some words for toys we play with on the beach. 

We are reading a big book about the beach (la Playa ).


We read some sentences in Spanish.

Look at our super writing in Spanish!

Un elefante se balanceaba sobre la tela de una araña con letra. (With subtitles)

This is our favourite song in year 1 ! This song has no music but it is clear and slow and has subtitles in Spanish. ( Capital letters only)

Year 2

Summer Term 2015

We are reading Jack and the Beanstalk in Spanish!



Juan y Las JudJuan y Las Judías Mágicas.ías Mágicas.

Summer term Year 3


We have learned how to say the colours in Spanish.


Have a look at this web page.



Year 3T sang their Spanish colour song in assembly. ¿De qué color es?

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¿De qué color es?

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Listen to 3w sing a colour song in Spanish.

3w made up their own verses using more colours.Can you hear what they are?

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Year 4 Summer Term 2

Year 4 will be learning how to say what pets they have in  Spanish.

Year 4 

Year 4 are learning the numbers up to 2015 this half term. We will also be looking at a  Tudor time line in Spanish. There were some important Spanish Tudors. Do you know who was Spanish? ( Clue :Henry VIII 's first wife?)

4H worked as a team to find the dates in Spanish Tudor history.

Year 4D counting in hundreds upto a thousand in Spanish.

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Year 4 learned a clapping game for counting up to a thousand in Spanish.

4H can count to 1000 in Spanish!

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Watch our clapping rhyme.

01050 Spanish Lesson - Números 100+

Practise your numbers over 100 in Spanish.
NOTE This teacher uses the Latin american pronunciation of ci so it doesn't sound like "th" here it sounds like "s". Can you hear the difference?

Canción infantil: Me gusta contar.

Extraída de la colección CuentaCuentos de Salvat, cantada por el coro infantil La Trepa.

Year 4 have been learning numbers to 100 .
Can you count up to 100 in Spanish ? Join in with this song. Can you count back down to 0?

Lyrics for Me Gusta Contar Song.

Year 5

Summer 1 2015

Have you seen the chocolate recipes we did last term? They are on Year 5G and 5s class pages. Have a look!

This half term Year 5 will be performing the story of the 3 little pigs in Spanish -Los Tres Cerditos. We will be working on our presentation skills and reading a script in Spanish.

Los tres cerditos.

Year 6 Summer term 1


We are putting all the Spanish we have learned together to make some colourful monsters in Spanish.

This means making sentences with the correct word order!

Adjectives usually come after the noun in Spanish.

We will be using plurals and adjectives of colour to correctly describe nouns ( parts of the body)in Spanish.That's quite a challenge! 




¡Próspero Año Nuevo Dos Mil Quince!


The first week back in Spanish classes we learned how people celebrate New Year in Spain. In Year 1 and Year 3 we practised eating 12 grapes to the chimes of midnight. If you can eat all 12 grapes (  las doce uvas ) then you have good luck all year! Can you count to 12 in Spanish?


Las Doce Uvas

1 Una

2 Dos

3 Tres

4 Cuatro

5 Cinco

6 Seis

7 Siete

8 Ocho

9 Nueve

10 Diez

11 Once

12 Doce



¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

In Year 5 we have been reading a recipe for a Roscón. This is a cake that is eaten on January 6th, El Dia de Los Reyes. There is a figure hidden in the cake and if you find it in your piece you are King or Queen for the day!  Year 5 have been super Spanish detectives and have used bilingual dictionaries to read and understand the recipe.


The best part of the lesson was eating the cake!

 ¡ Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo 2015 !

Disney's Frozen - Let it go (Castilian Spanish)

You know it in English.Now learn it in Spanish!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman -in Spanish! Hazme un muñeco de nieve - Frozen: El reino de hielo (Con letra)

Year 2 listened to this song then played a snowman game in Spanish!


In Reception we are learning a song to say what our name is in Spanish.

¿Cómo te llamas?

Me llamo Carlos.

¿Y tú?

Me llamo María.

Carlos and María



In Reception we have met the two Spanish puppets Carlos and Maria. We will be learning some greeting songs and how to say our name in Spanish.

Year 1

This term in Year 1 we are learning some Spanish games and rhymes. We are having fun learning to count 10 elephants on a spider's web! Listen to the song here.

Un elefante se balanceaba, canción infantil

We learned how to say the names of some toys in Spanish and played some fun card matching games.

Year 1

In Year One we have been listening and joining in with stories and songs about Woodland animals.

Listen to a song about animals and how they move.

Year 2

¿Qué tiempo hace?

We are learning how to say what the weather is like in Year 2. Last week we needed to learn the word for snow and ice! Play the games on the bbc website to practise your weather phrases, or join in with year 5 singing the weather song!

Year 2 

Pets- Las Mascotas

In Year Two we have been learning how to ask and reply to the question have you got any pets. 

¿Tienes alguna mascota? 

Year 3



This half term we will learn how to count to 12 and how to say how old we are.

¿Cuántos años tienes? 


We have learned some classroom instructions in Spanish.




Year 3 have learned to say how they are feeling in Spanish. 

¿Cómo estás?

Muy bien / Bien / Regular / Fatal


Year 3



Year 3 have just started learning Spanish! They have been learning how to greet each other in Spanish and how to say their ​name.​

¡Buenos días!-Good morning!

¡Buenas tardes!-Good afternoon!

¡Buenas noches!- Good evening/Good night!

¿Cómo te llamas? -What is your name?

Me llamo .......-My name is ......

¡Adiós!- Goodbye!

¡Hasta luego!-See you later!

3T Hola Song

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3 T Adiós Song

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3W Hola Song

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3W Adiós Song

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Year 4

La Familia

We will be learning how to introduce and talk about our family in this half term. We learned a finger rhyme about the family. Have a look at 4D's web page to listen to them say the rhyme!

Around the World in Spanish!

Do you know how many countries speak Spanish?

Spanish Around The World.

 Year 4D and 4H have written their own versions of the Veo a un animal song based on animals they have been studying for their habitats topic.They used Spanish dictionaries to find some adjectives to describe the animals. Have a look, can you guess which animals they are?

Year 4 have been working on a song about animals and where they live. First we listened to hear what animals and habitats were in the song. Then we made sentences to say where each animal lives. We have now started looking at the adjectives used to describe each animal.


Listen to Year 4D singing the song Veo a un Animal on their web page!


Year 4

Animals and Habitats.

In Year 4 we can ask and reply to this question.

¿Dónde vives?

                                                             Where do you live?

Listen to our dialogue in Spanish on 4D’s page.


¿Dónde vives?

Vivo en …..

Year 5

Year 5 Spring Term 2015

We will be looking at recipes this half term. See the top of the page for a photo of the Roscón we tasted. We will be revising our bigger numbers so we can talk about our history topic, The Aztecs.We will also be learning how to make some delicious hot chocolate in Spanish! ¡Ñam Ñam !

El chocolate - Uno-Dos-Tres!

Our favourite song!

Year 5 Autumn Term 2015

Year 5 have worked really hard on expressing opinions in Spanish this term.Have a look at their super sentences about the seasons!


Year 5

¿Qué tiempo hace? - What's the weather like?

In Year 5 we are learning how to say what the weather is like . We are also going to talk about the four seasons of the year. We will be making some sentences about which is our favourite season and why.

5G Weather Song

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Year 6

Year 6 Spring Term 2015

We are learning to describe what we look like. 

¿Eres rubio,moreno,pelirrojo o castaño?

Have a  look at the picture dictionary below to answer the question.

Watch the clips of our super descriptions in Spanish on the Year 6 web pages!

We will be learning the parts of the body in Spanish.

Have a look at the picture dictionary then see if you can play the games!

Parts of The Body -A Picture Dictionary Parts of the Body from the Rockalingua Website.

Autumn Term 2015

We will be learned numbers to 31 and dates in Spanish. We researched important dates at Christmas in Spain. We read facts in Spanish and compared a Spanish Christmas to Christmas in the UK.See Euroclub Schools Christmas In Spain website at the top of this page.

Year 6

Year 6 are learning how to have a short conversation in Spanish.They are learning some new ways to greet people and ask how they are feeling. ¿Qué tal?

Have a look at all the links for Year 3.

We will be talking about where we live and where we are from in Spanish.

Can you answer all the questions in the song below?