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Friday 05.02.21

Let’s practise ‘ou’ grapheme today…



“Ou, ou, shout it out”


Play on phonics play – Buries treasure, select phase 5 and our sound ou – can you read and sort the words into real and silly words?

Watch the CBeebies clip of Abbie and her brother preparing to celebrate Chinese New Year using the link below.

CBeebies: Preparing For Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie and her brother clean the house in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations.Visit CBeebies at http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies to find even more ...



Today we are going to have a look at writing lists. A list is when we write items underneath each other. You can choose to write a list of any of the following:

  • Cleaning jobs around the house to do before Chinese New Year
  • Food/drink to buy for a Chinese New Year celebration meal
  • Animals that are part of the Chinese New Year
We can’t wait to see your lists year 1!


Speed Count - Arithmetic

Look at your speed count grids – you need to count on one forward or one back. The arrows will tell you which way to count. Time yourself. Can you improve upon your time?


Good luck!


Can you tell me the time on my clocks? Complete our telling the time activity today!

Can you help our friend Amir? He has made a mistake telling the time.  Do you know where he went wrong?  Can you show him how to make 3 o’clock? Can you make 3 o’clock on your clock?

Spelling Practise - Split Digraph e-e

Look at your spelling activity sheet.

Can you complete it practising you’re e-e split digraph spellings?


Choose a book from your reading pack or eCollins library to read and share at home.

   Please record this in your yellow home school diary.
Topic - Choose an exciting activity from our Chinese New Year adventure activity pack

CBeebies: Celebrating Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie takes to the street with her family for a parade and firecracker display.Visit CBeebies at http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies to find even more fun games an...

Story Time

Captain Sir Tom Moore Challenge...