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School Clubs


Y5 & 6 Dance Club 3-4.15pm with Mrs Marriott & Miss Devey



Year 2 Healthy Cooking Club 3-4.15pm with Mrs Dowker & Mrs Price

KS2 Choir 3-3.45pm with Mrs Hunter & Mrs Jones



Adult Sewing Club 9-9.30am

Y3 Card Sharks at lunchtime with Mrs Taylor



KS2 Torris-Sign Choir 3-3.45pm with Miss Devey & Mrs Harrison

Y5 & 6 Boys' Football 3-4pm with Mr Harding

Y1 & 2 3-4.15pm Nature Detectives with Mrs Scholey

Inclusive Sports 3-3.45pm with Mrs Banister & Mrs Thistlethwaite 



Y5 & 6 Tag Rugby 8am with Mr Harding

Indoor Athletics Club 3-4pm with Mrs Price & Miss Stalker


Year 2 cookery club

Year 2 cookery club made cheesy chicken peppers.

Sewing Club


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Yr 2 and Yr 4 Sewing Club - Christmas Sewing