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Thursday 07.01.21


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Goldilocks, Goldilocks, Who Are You?


You are going to write a character description today Year 1. The character we are going to describe is Goldilocks. Using the template provided you are going to draw and colour in a picture of Goldilocks Think about what she looks like, what she is wearing, her hair colour etc. Then you are going to write some sentences to describe her. You can start with some simple sentences about what she looks like e.g. She has blonde hair. She has a dress on. We also want you to think about what kind of a person she is e.g. is she kind or is she mischievous? See if you can use the word because to extend your sentence e.g. She is rude because she went in the bear’s house.


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Making Numbers to 100


Your activity today is using tens and ones to count. How many tens do you have? How many ones? What number does that make? Look at the pictures carefully, counting your tens and ones.


Game time: Cut out the tens and ones in your pack and make your dice.


Each person will roll the dice twice. The first time you roll the dice, collect that many tens. The next time you roll the dice, collect that many ones – what number have you made? Who made the biggest number? Biggest number earns a point. First person to 5 points wins!

CHALLENGE: Roll the dice twice for tens and twice for ones - now you can create even larger numbers e.g. 78 

On the second roll only use numbers to 3 so that you don't go past 9 tens and 9 ones.


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Where Do Dinosaurs Live?


Think about the type of habitat the dinosaur you created lived in –what would it have looked like? Can you create your own? You might like to use an old shoe box and collect natural materials from the outdoor environment to create a suitable habitat or you could draw and represent your ideas on paper, you may even like to make your habitat outside in your garden using stones and natural resources.  Please share your amazing habitats with us.


What is a habitat?

The place where an animal lives is known as a habitat, and different sorts of animals live in different habitats. Habitats can be very big, like the arctic habitats where polar bears live, or very small such as between two blades of grass where a money spider might make its web. Remember, a habitat is just the place where the animal lives. Your house is your habitat!

Phase 5 phonics our new sound is….




Can you join Mrs Kippax today to learn your new phase 5 sound ew and practise the sounds you already know>

Phonics Time!

Collins  eLibrary

Log into your collins ebook library and choose a special book, please write your title in your yellow diary and send a video of you reading it! We can't wait to hear you read!