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Last week, we looked at the existing story of Little Red and began to plan our own version of it with a different setting.

This week, we are going to write the story but we will break this down into smaller chunks of the story so that we can get a quality product by the end of the week.

So, to begin with, we need to look again at the plan that we wrote last week and talk through it.

After you have done this, let's focus on just the beginning part of the story where we are introduced to the main character and the setting:

Here is my example:

Gary Green dreamed of visiting the lofty spires of the towers protruding from the dark, wet undercity of the world of Titan 35. He had heard many tales of these towers and that life was very different above the undercity where he toiled every day in his uncle's garage. He had so many questions. What was it like up there? Was the air cleaner? Would he see the mythical astral body known as the sun?

As he was day-dreaming, a tremendous crash sounded just outside the garage. Without thinking, Gary grabbed his tool belt and raced out into the crowded street with its constant water fall of rain.

What a surprising sight met his eyes!


From this opening, we know a little about Gary Green and where he lives. I have also used precise words - 'toiled' rather than 'worked'. We also have a reason for our main character being in his current location and wanting to be somewhere else.

Today, you need to write the opening of the story - think about using a variety of sentence starters and some adventurous vocabulary.laugh