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Read the Quidditch extract below.

What did Harry learn about Quidditch?

Which of these imagined facts is the best, would you say?


Watch the film version of Harry learning the rules of Quidditch. What do you learn from the film that you don't learn from the book?

A Lesson In Quidditch | Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Oliver Wood teaches Harry Potter the rules of Quidditch.

Remind yourself about adverbs: Use the powerpoint to hear the teaching about adverbs or use the Revision Card to remind yourself. Complete Adverb Practice.

Now for some writing: Watch the film scene of Harry's first Quidditch match.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Clip - Harry's First Quidditch Match

Write some sentences that use adverbs to describe the match. Use Adverbs List to help you.

Fun-Time Extras :

Can you write some sentences with adverbs about a sport that you enjoy?

Can you find out more about the rules of Quidditch?

You could make a plan to play it when you go back to school.