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Spring 1

Our Super Comic Strips

We have had so much fun learning about Supertato over the last 2 weeks! We decided to create our own superhero and evil villain and write our very own comic strips about them. We hope you enjoy reading all about their exciting adventures!

Countries and Capital Cities!

In our Geography work this week we have recapped the 4 countries that make up the UK and learnt even more amazing facts about their capital cities. We completed our own maps and pictures of significant landmarks. We also recapped the changing weather as the season is now winter and had lots of fun creating our own weather symbols and weather reports!

Super Scientists!

This week we have been learning all about winter and decided to have a go at our very own wintry science experiment. After discussing the different weather conditions we find in winter we thought about how we solve them. We talked about scraping ice off our cars, putting grit on the roads and warming up our houses to keep warm. Although we knew of lots of different ways of melting ice, the only way we knew of keeping it cold was the freezer! We decided to run our own experiment to find out how we can insulate ice! We had lots of fun testing different materials on ice cubes, writing predictions and recording our results like real scientists!

Growing Gardeners!

This week in Science we have planted our very own beans after learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk! We talked about the different parts of a plant, what they would need to grow and have been observing them and noting down any changes we have seen.

Amazing Artists!

In our Art this week we have been practising our sketching skills to draw flowers, fruits and vegetables. We then used wax, oil pastels, water colours and pencils to add colour and detail.

Super Soup Tasting!

After learning about seasonal fruits and vegetables we decided to try some of them in different soups! We scored each soup out of 5 stars, wrote down what we thought about it and whether we would eat it again or not. These soups have inspired us to make our own vegetable soup! We discussed which were our favourites and least favourite and then wrote a list of vegetables we would like to use to make our own soups!

The Glitter Bug Hand Show!

We were very excited when the Glitter Bug Hand Show arrived in our classroom this week! We used the special potion to cover our hands before inspecting them under the UV light. We couldn't believe how many germs there were! We then talked about thorough hand washing and had a go following our hand washing poster. Afterwards we checked our hands again under the UV light and discovered that sometimes we weren't getting rid of all the germs! We are now hand washing experts in 1D!

Jack and the Beanstalk Storytelling!

In Year 1 our English text is Jack and the Beanstalk and we have absolutely loved orally retelling the story with actions! After spending last week immersing ourselves in the text and becoming traditional tale experts, this week we have written our own changes to the story. These have included changing the Giant's castle to a tent, palace, caravan and many more amazing new homes! We have also changed one of his magical items to pens, televisions, scooters and even rockets! Today we enjoyed acting out our adapted story maps with our friends.

Plant Experts

In Science this week we have been learning all about wild and garden plants and deciduous and evergreen trees. Today we labelled huge templates of wild and garden plants and learnt all about the different functions of each part of a plant. We then chose our favourite wild plant and garden plant to draw and label in our books.

A Super Visitor!

We were very lucky to have a wonderful visit from Abigail's Dad Graham who came in to talk to us about all his job working with plants and gardens. He told us all about seasonal fruits and vegetables, what plants need to grow and answered our interesting questions. We loved all of the amazing things he brought in to show us which included different vegetables, gardening tools and different types of soil. Thank you very much for visiting us Graham and sharing your super knowledge with us!

Sharing our Science Knowledge

We have used lots of different media to share our amazing learning about plants with each other! From Lego models to watercolour paintings, to pretty posters and huge playdough replicas!

Harry Potter Day!

On 3rd February for Harry Potter day we all came to school with a magical portkey! This was an item from home that would transport us to anywhere we wished to go! We had lots of fun sharing our portkeys with our friends and writing down about the amazing places we could visit with them such as Disneyland, New York, the beach and the North Pole!

Splendid Soup Making!

This week we have loved making our very own vegetable soup! After tasting soups to gain inspiration we had a go at designing a soup using seasonal vegetables that we might enjoy. We decided to make carrot soup and carefully cut up our ingredients and added them to the soup maker. The children said the best part was getting to taste the finished product! However, it received some mixed reviews from our Year 1 food critics!