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There are 2 tasks today. Task 5 of our 'Little Red' work and a grammar task. 


Task 5 

Now change the story of Little Red to your own story. This only needs to be a plan at this stage. Keep the events the same but things will be different such as the setting, the main character, the villain, the reason that your main character needs to go on a journey and the character of ‘Grandma’. 

Write a story plan 

It could be like this: 

Gary Green works in a garage on the planet of Zog repairing hover cars. He lives in the undercity and dreams of going to the top of the skyscrapers. 

The emperor’s hover car crashes outside his garage. 

Gary fixes it but needs to go to the emperor’s palace to replace the part. 

His father warns him not to stray from the lift which transports him there.  

Halfway up to the emperor’s palace, Gary meets a character called Wolfie. 

Gary gets off the lift with Wolfie. 

Wolfie appears nice but changes into an item in Gary’s rucsac. 

Gary continues on his journey. 

He arrives at the emperor’s palace. 

Gary meets the emperor. 

Wolfie changes back into true form and attacks the emperor. 

Gary, thinking quickly, throws the replacement part at Wolfie’s head. 

The alien is knocked out and promises never to try to eat anyone again.