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Monday 25.01.21

Happy Birthday Isabella! We hope you have a lovely day! 

Happy Birthday Song | Happy Birthday To You Song for Kids | The Kiboomers

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Affirmation of the week - I am kind! 

Life Skill of the week - being kind to others! 

Being kind to others is a great way to show we care and it also makes us feel happy too. How can you show someone you care this week? You could say something nice to them, draw them a picture, give them a hug or write them a note. Send in your pictures of you being kind to others!




Monday 25.01.21


Warm up: use the link below to get moving and practice saying the letters of the alphabet.


Skill: We have been learning about using the conjunction 'and'. Work with Mrs Kippax to practice using 'and' to join two ideas and extend our sentences.


Activity: Look at the picture of Bob flying the rocket from your paper pack (pictured below). Can you continue the instructions using the time words? 

Literacy 25.01.21


Daily Arithmetic: Number Doubles! Can you join in with our number double rhyme:

1+1=2    Tap it on the shoe!

2+2=4   Can you touch the floor?

3+3=6   That's how our Maths clicks!

4+4=8   Put your arms up straight!

5+5=10  Round we go again! 


3D shapes: Play the Guess the 3D shape game using the PowerPoint link below. 

Activity: Complete the activity from your paper pack (pictured below) Cut out the pictures of 3D objects and stick them onto the correct sheet.

Challenge: Can you sing along with the 3D shape song? 

3D Shapes Song | Shapes for kids | The Singing Walrus

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In your paper pack you will find a real and nonsense words activity for the e-e sound we learned last week. First of all choose 2 colours to use (one for real words and one for nonsense words). Then can you read each word out loud and decide if it is real or nonsense? 


Can you practice your handwriting using the letter formation activity from your paper pack?


Choose an exciting activity from our space adventure pick and mix pack!