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Today, we are going to continue with our story based on Little Red.

We have written the setting of the story and where the main character goes on their journey. 

The next part of the writing will be where our main character meets the villain based on the idea of the Wolf.

Before you begin to write, read over your planning, talk through the story and read what you have written so far.

Below I will give you the start of this next piece:

Pulling his hood tightly over his face to avoid being seen, Gary Green fought his way through the crowds to the Express Way Station. Nervously, he handed the plastic ticket to the imposing looking guard. The guard just waved him through. 

Gary stopped still in his tracks as he entered the inside of the station. Never before had he seen such gleaming surfaces and well-dressed citizens. He found the hover track that he needed and stood waiting to enter the car. The people around him looked at him suspiciously and the hover car guard took what seemed to be an age to check his ticket.

As he settled into his seat, Gary thought about what his uncle had told him about not leaving the path. Thinking about the importance of this message, Gary failed to notice a rather strange looking figure sitting next to him.

Feeling brave, Gary asked the creature what his name was.

The creature replied in a jovial way, "My name is Wolfie and I am on my way to see the Emperor."


Your task is to write this part of the story using some great noun phrases to describe what your main character sees.

Do not forget to include the part where they meet the villain based on the wolf. My villain, at the moment, appears to be a friendly little creature.