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Monday 11.01.21

Happy Birthday, Iris! Enjoy your special day!


Affirmation of the Week - I am independent



Life Skill of the Week - Making My Bed

This week, we would like you to make your bed every morning when you get up. I am sure you would be a big help to your parents and I bet, after a practise, you could do this independently.

Show us you have successfully completed your challenge by sending in pictures to 'Evidence Me'. 

Good Luck!



Monday 11.01.21


Today in Literacy we are going to look at alphabetical order. Please watch the BBC bitesize clip linked below and complete the online activities. There is then an activity in your paper pack (pictured below) for you to complete. Happy ordering Year 1! 


In maths today you are going to go on a missing number hunt! Your Year 1 teachers have been a bit sneaky and stolen some numbers from the activities in your paper pack! It is your job to work out what numbers are missing and replace them! Try really hard to ensure you form your numbers correctly. Good luck Year 1! 

It's cosmic yoga time!

Use the link below to take part in the roarsome cosmic yoga session! Please share your yoga poses with us by sending in pictures using our 'Evidence me' app. Have fun year 1! 

Kids Yoga with Dinosaurs | Cosmic Kids

⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest challenge where you print out fun maps & check-off yoga adventures: https://www.cosmickids.com/yogaquest/⭐ You'll...


Log onto Collins e library and choose a book to read. We are really missing hearing you read boys and girls so if you can send us a video - we would love to hear you! 


Watch the video below to practice the sounds we already know and learn our new sound! 

Phonics Time

Monday 11.01.21