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EFL Cup 2019/20

This competition was played on Tuesday 21st January 2020 at Mossgate Sports' Facilities.

Torrisholme were drawn in a very tough group with some strong teams. The top two teams form our group would go through to the knock-out stages. Each match would last for 15 minutes.

Our first game was against Arkholme. Despite scoring in the first two minutes, we could not hold onto our lead and managed a 1-1 draw against this team.

We were unlucky to be defeated by Slyne-with-Hest 2-1 in our second match.

If we could beat Bolton-le-Sands in our final match, we would progress through to the final stages of the competition. All was going well as we were winning by one goal for most of the match. However, in the last 30 seconds, our opponents managed to score. A draw was all they needed to reach the next round.

All of the squad played well and were a credit to the school.

Lancaster and Heysham district football competition 16.01.20

What a fantastic afternoon of football! I am extremely proud of each and every single one of the team who played amazingly well together in their first competition. The team came top of their group in the group stages with three wins against Slyne purple, Lancaster Road and Westgate and a draw with Mossgate. 

They then progressed into the quarter finals against Trumacar. This was a close game which ended 1-1 and resulted in extra time being played where Torrisholme scored the winning goal to see them through to the semi finals. 

The semi finals were against an extremely strong Slyne blue side and despite getting to full time with the game at 1-1, unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to get the winning goal in extra time and Slyne went through to the finals and went on to win the tournament!

The team then played in a 3rd and 4th place decider and they beat Dallas Road 4-0 to see them positioned in 3rd place out of a total of 27 teams and receive bronze medals. 


Well done to them all - they were amazing and should be extremely proud of themselves!! 


Lancaster and Heysham district football competition 16.01.20

Lancashire Cup Qualifier 2018

On the afternoon of Monday 8th October 2018, we entered two teams- Torrisholme Blue and Torrisholme White - into this competition. The event was held at Lancaster and Morecambe College and a total of 24 teams were present.

Torrisholme Blue

The first match was against Greatwood. Despite some close shots on target, the team lost by two goals to nil.

The next match against Westgate was more successful with a result of 2-0 to Torrisholme.

The last group match saw the team play St. Peter's. A great match ended with a result of a 1-1 draw.

Great football was played though unfortunately only the top team could progress to the next round.


Torrisholme White

The first match was very close with some heart-stopping moments. Callum was unlucky to miss in the first couple of minutes. The final score against Halton was a goalless draw.

The second match against St. Patrick's saw a win by a one goal margin.

The last group match against Christchurch again saw a victory for the Torrisholme side of 2-1.

Despite winning two matches in the group stage, this was not enough to have Torrisholme topping the group- because of goal difference. 


Well done to both teams and the lads enjoyed a couple of friendly matches at the end of their tournament. 


Inter - Schools' Football Tournament

Torrisholme got off to a great start to this football competition, winning both games this afternoon. The competition is run over about eight weeks and is held at Morecambe High School each Monday after school.

Game 1

Torrisholme 2 Bolton-le-sands 1

Game 2

Torrisholme 8 Trumacar 1


Game 3

Torrisholme 1 Grosvenor Park 1

Game 4

Torrisholme 4 St. Mary's 1

No matches on the 13th November but these results have given us a flying start to the competition. Let's hope that this continues as we have some tough matches coming up.

Despite the freezing conditions, we did play on Monday 13th November.

Game 5

Torrisholme 1 Lancaster Road 2

Game 6

Torrisholme 5 P-L-S 0

At the moment, with one round of matches to go, we are top of the table! Hopefully this will put us into the 'Champions' League' round of matches - more details to follow.

Champions League

Our first round of matches in the 'Champions League' began on Monday 4th December. We were expecting 3 tough matches.

Match 1

Torrisholme 1 Lancaster Road 1

Match 2

Torrisholme 1 Grosvenor Park 2

Match 3

Torrisholme 1 St. Peter's 2


A great start to the new year! Two games were played tonight. Despite the freezing weather and the occasional blustery shower, the team played really well.

Game 4

Torrisholme 4 Sandylands 1

Game 5 

Torrisholme 1 Slyne 0


Game 6

Torrisholme 0 Bolton - le - Sands 0

Game 7

Torrisholme 1 Greatwood 5


The last two games of the tournament! At the moment, we do not know the final positions. Well done to all the team who took part in this tournament.

2017 Lancashire Cup Qualifier

On Thursday 28th September 2017, we entered into this competition. There were 24 teams participating from the district. Torrisholme did extremely well finishing 3rd over all.

To begin with, we were in a group of four teams.

Game 1- Torrisholme 1 Westgate 0

Game 2- Torrisholme 6 Christchurch 0

Game 3- Torrisholme 1 Trumacar 0

This put us top of the group and then we had to play the winners of the other three Morecambe and Heysham groups:

Game 1 - Torrisholme 2 Lancaster Road 0

Game 2 - Torrisholme 0 St. Peter's 1

We came second in this group so played our final game against St. Mary's.

Torrisholme 4 St. Mary's 1

We only lost one match and this was to the eventual winners of the tournament.

Well done team!

Lancashire School Games on 4th July 2017 at Blackpool Sports Centre ⚽️

The girls' football team represented the Heysham district at the Lancashire School Games in Blackpool on Tuesday 4th July after winning the Lancaster and Heysham schools qualifier in June. It was a wonderful event despite the awful rain. The girls played against some extremely tough teams and did brilliantly to win 2 games out of 3 which got them through to the quarter finals. The team unfortunately lost their quarter final game but they, as usual, played together well and showed an excellent team spirit throughout the competition! The girls demonstrated wonderful respect towards all of the teams they played which was noticed by other supporters and the referee. They were a credit to school throughout the day and I am extremely proud of all of them. Well done, girls!! 

CHAMPIONS!!!! The girls' football team won the Lancaster and Morecambe football tournament and are now through to the Lancashire finals in July. What an outstanding team performance by every one of the girls. Miss Stalker is an extremely proud coach today! We can't wait to take part in the finals!

The girls' football team make it to the final! 

On Wednesday 17th May, three teams took part in the girls' football competition at Greatwood Primary School. All the girls, some of which were playing in their first football match, played brilliantly and all three teams made it through to the knockout stages. 


Torrisholme A team managed to make it to the final undefeated! It was Lancaster Road v Torrisholme and what a tense and close game it was. The final result ended 2-1 to Lancaster Road but the game could've easily have gone either way right up to the whistle. 


This is the first time in the 8 years Miss Stalker has been taking girls'  football club that any of her teams have made it to the final so a big, well- deserved congratulations to the team!! 


Thank you to coach Taylor for taking the girls and inspiring them to play brilliantly and enjoy themselves while Miss Stalker was on an outdoor education trip. 


Go team Torrisholme. 

The teams are back in action at Morecambe High on Monday 22nd and again on Friday 26th May. 


Girls' Football League 2017

The girls' football team took part in their first set of league matches at Morecambe High School on Monday 8th May. They performed brilliantly as a team passing the ball and working together in all areas of the pitch. 

The team won 2, drew 1 and lost 2 against tough competition. 

The next set of league fixtures will be held on Monday 22nd May where we are hoping to  hit the target a few more times to get the rewards for our fantastic performances. 

Well done, girls!

2016 Inter-Schools' Football Tournament

This year's tournament is, once again, being hosted by Morecambe High School. It is held over a period of about eight weeks on Tuesday evenings.

The tournament involves around twelve of the local primary schools.

Week 1 27th September 2016

The tournament kicked off in fine weather.

Match 1

Torrisholme 1 Lancaster road 3

The scoreline did not reflect how well the team played. At half-time, Torrisholme were 3-0 down so played extremely well in the second half.


Match 2

Torrisholme 3 Sandylands 3

A very even match. Again, at half-time, Torrisholme were behind and played some great football in the second half to level the score. Also, some brilliant goal-line defending saved the draw.


Match 3

Torrisholme 6 Westend 0

The team were really into their stride by this time and the score reflected how well they played.


Well done to the team. They played in the spirit of the game and displayed real sportsmanship.

Kenzie Backhouse

Ashton Pinington

Will Johnson

Oliver Dent

Max Hustwick

Ben Dickson

Marcus Palamountain

Jack Johnson

Week 2 11-10-16

The team welcomed our goalkeeper, Joey Richardson.


Match 4 

Torrisholme 6 Poulton-le-Sands 0

Despite a slow start, the team soon got into their stride and went on to dominate the match.


Match 5

Torrisholme 0 Grosvenor Park 0

A very even match. A few missed opportunities could have changed the score line.


Match 6 

Torrisholme 6 Mossgate 0

The team played well and managed to defend against some quick attacks from Mossgate.


Great effort by the girls' football team at the Primary sports festival - 5th place finish!

Girls' Football Competition at Morecambe High School (5th May 2016)

What an outstanding team performance by the girls! The team were unbeaten after the first round winning 2 tough games and getting a fantastic draw against a very good Lancaster Road. They progressed onto the next round as winners of their group. We knew the games were going to be much more difficult in the second round, but that didn't phase the team who continued to play great football against Trumacar, who they drew against, and then didn't give up against Greatwood and Lancaster Road, who they were unfortunate to lose against. The team finished 4th overall in the competition. eVery single one of the girls should be proud of their performance and we are looking forward to the next couple of competitions as a team.

Well done girls. 

2016 Football Tournament Heysham High School

On Friday 8th January 2016, we took part in a football tournament held at Heysham High School.

There were 13 schools taking part from the Lancaster and Morecambe area.

We were in a group of four schools, who we had played before and drawn against, so, with only 2 schools going through to the next round, it was all to play for!

Our first game was against Slyne-with-Hest and despite a valiant effort, we lost 2-1. Following this, we played Bolton-le-Sands and lost 1-0. We needed to win our final match against Sandylands to stand any chance of progressing further in the competition. However, a 2-0 defeat put paid to this chance. 

The boys played really well and were a credit to the school and played very much in the spirit of the game.


Kenzie Backhouse

Ashton Pinington

Ben Dickson

Will Johnson

Oliver Dent

Joe Thompson

Sam Hayward

Jamie Holmes

Hayden Mills

Tyler Sharples

Year 5/6 Winter Football League 2015

During the last eight weeks, we have participated in an Inter-Schools' Football Tournament at Morecambe High School. The matches were played on the 3G pitch at the High School each Thursday evening. Thirteen schools entered teams, so each team played a total of 12 matches.

Representing Torrisholme were:

Tyler Sharples,

Kenzie Backhouse,

Sam Hayward,

Oliver Dent,

Ashton Pinington,

Jamie Holmes,

Will Johnson,

Hayden Mills,

Joe Thompson,

Ben Dickson.

Despite some rather inclement weather at times, the team played extremely well and were a credit to the school.


Weekly results:


Torrisholme 8 West End 0

Torrisholme 1 Bolton-le-Sands 1

Torrisholme 2 Slyne-with-Hest 2



Torrisholme 1 Mossgate 0

Torrisholme 4 Trumacar 0

Torrisholme 0 St. Peter's 6



Torrisholme 0 Lancaster Road 1

Torrisholme 2 Westgate 5



Torrisholme 5 Greatwood 1

Torrisholme 6 Morecambe Bay 0



Torrisholme 1 Sandylands 1

Torrisholme 3 Poulton-le-Sands 0


Final positions:

    (3 points) (1 point) (2 points)      
  Played Won  Lost Draw Scored+ Conceded -  Total Points
St Peters 12 12 0 0 75 3 36
Westgate 12 11 1 0 72 12 34
Lancaster Road 12 10 2 0 64 6 32
Bolton-le-sands 12 8 3 1 73 14 29
Slyne 12 7 4 1 41 19 27
Torrisholme 12 6 3 3 34 16 27
Sandylands 12 5 6 1 39 36 23
Greatwood  12 5 6 1 33 34 23
Trumacar 12 4 8 0 17 64 20
Mossgate 12 3 8 1 9 20 19
Morecambe Bay 12 2 10 0 9 78 16
West End 12 1 11 0 6 77 14
Poulton-le-sands 12 0 12 0 3 69 12




The Y3/4 football team played together for the first time on Monday 23rd November. What a brilliant performance in very cold and rainy condition. Well done boys!

The boys' football team took part in the William Smith Football Festival on Easter Monday. They won their first game against Caton St Paul's 1-0 with a goal by Sam Hayward. This win boosted their confidence and was followed by a 6-0 win against Lancaster Road Reds (goal scorers- Sam Hayward 3, Daniel Palmer 2, Josh Allison 1). The group stages ended with a 2-0 defeat against a very strong St Peters team. The  team played really well, including excellent saves from the goalkeeper, to prevent more goals in this game. With 2 wins and a loss we got through to the quarter finals against Lancaster Road blue. The boys lost 2-0 in this fixture, but played brilliantly with excellent football by both teams. Lancaster Road blue went on to win the competition beating St Peters in the semi- final and Willow Lane in the final. 


A fantastic morning of football. Well done boys. 


Torrisholme team

Jamie McCahon (goalkeeper)

Joel Frith (defender)

Jamie Holmes (defender)

Ollie Johnson (midfield)

Sam Hayward (midfield) 

Daniel Palmer (attacking midfield) 

Josh Allison (striker)



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