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Thursday 11th February


Phonics with Mrs Robinson - recap

Can you remember the story from yesterday that looked at things we are good at? Use the sheet in your pack to write small sentences to explain what your teachers are good at. The sentences must start with ‘she can…’ One adult can run, one can hop, one can cut and one can hit. Watch the video below for a quick focus on the word ‘she’ before you start.

The Tricky Word - she


Measuring Hunt – How many socks long is it?

Measure items around your house by laying socks down the edge of them just like in the photos below. Count the socks to find out how long the object is. Can you record your work?  Draw pictures of the items that you have measured and write how many socks long they are.
Wider Curriculum - check out the Chinese New Year Pick and Mix sheet in your pack for some fun ideas of what you can do today.