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Today, we are going to complete the story based on Little Red.

We need to look at our planning to see how our story finishes, talk through the story as if you are telling it, read what you have written so far.

In my story, my main character has reached his destination. He has discovered that the villain is up to no good. 

To continue, my main character (Gary Green) is standing outside the hall. He sees that the character of Wolfie has changed into a huge beast. Thinking quickly, he retrieves the hover car part from his rucksack and throws it at the creature's head.

The creature then changes into a cute and cuddly animal with wolf-like features and promises never to hurt anyone again.

Gary Green still remains a mechanic though he is working for the Emperor.

Good Luck in finishing your stories.

Perhaps you could go back and edit your story.

Things to consider:

Have you used a variety of sentence openers?

If you have used any speech, have you started a new paragraph when a new character speaks?

Have you used noun phrases and nouns for precision?

Have you split your story into paragraphs?