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Well done, Amelia A - you're in the club!

Happy Birthday, Sam! Thank you, Audra for organising fun party games and treats!

Theo made an aquarium!

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Last call for the count down club everyone - Emily's in!

Do you remember when you did this, Audra?

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Let's dive into the deep blue sea!

Cosmic Yoga!

Amelia's had a fun week - a visit to the zoo and a garden camping adventure!

Audra's emoji quiz

Audra would like to invite you all to take part in her fun emoji quiz! Don't forget to send in your answers.yes

Let's open our memory box to find out more about Grace Darling - who was she? What did she do? Where and when did she live?

Edward has been busy stretching his art & design skills. Look at these interesting designs - WOW!

This is a fun activity all of you gardeners might like to have a go at! Can you create your own miniature garden?

These games look like lots of fun!

Snail racing - I love this!

Welcome to Gardener's Corner

I know lots of you have been very busy, over the past few weeks (myself included!), sowing, planting, watering, nurturing and even harvesting your own plants, flowers and vegetables. Gardener's Corner is a space where we can celebrate and share our green fingered adventures so send in your photos and let's see who's been growing what!

Look at this hard working superstar!

Seaside maths!

Can you identify these rock pool creatures?

Fuzzy & Dog get caught in a Whirl Storm!

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An original puppet show by Clara!

Introducing the 'Pump it up!' puppet show by Theo.

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She sells seashells on the seashore!

Seaside inspired home learning!

Can you solve Amelia's seashell number problems?

A busy boy making structures out of pebbles and rocks!

Rock pool adventures - let's find out more about these amazing habitats!

Ivy spotted a seal at Half Moon Bay!

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Amelia has been harvesting her radishes.

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Can you remember which storybook character liked to eat spicy red radishes?

Do you remember Ellie's half term challenge?

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Here's Amelia demonstrating her very own activity path!

Thomas has spent the past few weeks learning more about space. Check out his learning journey - it looks very interesting and lots of fun!

In the first video he is creating impact craters, just like the ones created on the moon and in the second he is using a straw to launch his own rocket - ingenious!


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Life Cycle Updates!

Amelia's tadpoles have undergone an amazing transformation! 2 out of her 4 tadpoles have now grown all of their legs and lost their long tails. They have become small but perfectly formed frogs! Just look at how amazing they are. yes



Take a look at Theo's 'big reveal' if you want to find out how many stones were in his jar!

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Here's Audra's estimate, Theo!

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It was very close, Audra - well done!
Mason has answered your question, Henley! I think we're going to need a bigger wall!laugh

Why is the sea salty?

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A seaside acrostic for you to enjoy!

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Look who's joined us at the seaside!

Emily, Clara and Theo have cleverly found out the answer to my 'Wonder wall' question - What is sand made of?

See video and written explanations below yes

I've now added a new question, which was sent in by Audra - I wonder who will answer this one! 


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What do you know about the seaside?

What 5 essential items did you pack for your trip to the seaside?


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Who else can recite the months of the year?

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Half term fun & games!