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Well done, Amelia A - you're in the club!

Happy Birthday, Sam! Thank you, Audra for organising fun party games and treats!

Theo made an aquarium!

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Last call for the count down club everyone - Emily's in!

Do you remember when you did this, Audra?

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Let's dive into the deep blue sea!

Heidi's riddles.
Were you correct!
Theo's riddles.
These are tricky, Theo!
Seahorse facts by Emily.
Emily's very tricky riddles!
Shark facts by Heidi!
Making an aquarium.
Adding the details.
The finished product - love it, Theo!
Sea turtle facts.
Amelia, wave watching!
Making a seaside jar.
Amelia's painted pebble.
Great modelling, Amelia!
A super fact file, Amelia.
This is cute and it's made of sand.

Cosmic Yoga!

Amelia's had a fun week - a visit to the zoo and a garden camping adventure!

Audra's emoji quiz

Audra would like to invite you all to take part in her fun emoji quiz! Don't forget to send in your answers.yes

Let's open our memory box to find out more about Grace Darling - who was she? What did she do? Where and when did she live?

A timeline of Grace Darling's life.
A fact file by Edward.
I love Edward's lighthouse - who lived here?
Edward created a timeline of his life too!
Great work, Emily!
I like these facts, Emily!
Finding out more.
Working by candlelight - just like Grace!
Would you like to live in a lighthouse?
More interestingfacts about Grace Darling.
Checking his surroundings are safe!
I think Grace would like this telescope!
A telescope in the making!
Great work, Audra!
A great timeline.
A super recount, Emily!
Amelia took her lighthouse to a real lighthouse!
This is Plover Scar lighthouse.
Great work, Ivy!
Wow! Can you see the light?
Good job, Henley!
A smiley home learner.
Henley's thoughts on living in a lighthouse!
It's the Hurley Flyer!
Cool lighthouse model.

Edward has been busy stretching his art & design skills. Look at these interesting designs - WOW!

This is a fun activity all of you gardeners might like to have a go at! Can you create your own miniature garden?

These games look like lots of fun!

Snail racing - I love this!

And they're off!
Blue snail takes the lead...
and he wins the race!

Welcome to Gardener's Corner

I know lots of you have been very busy, over the past few weeks (myself included!), sowing, planting, watering, nurturing and even harvesting your own plants, flowers and vegetables. Gardener's Corner is a space where we can celebrate and share our green fingered adventures so send in your photos and let's see who's been growing what!

Amelia with her Grandma's plants...
and here with some of her own!
Ivy grew and...
harvested her own peas!
Isla planted sunflower seeds...
look at them go!
Look at this tomato plant!
These potatoes look very healthy too!
Here's my mini allotment.
This is the Christmas tree I had on my step...wow!
Emily has been harvesting fruit and veg!
Theo's peas.
Theo has been helping grandad.
Harvesting radish...
It's spicy but i like it!

Look at this hard working superstar!

Seaside maths!

It's a human weighing scale!
Which is the heaviest & which is the lightest?
Ice-cream maths.
Great problem solving!
Measuring a gerbil!!
Audra used links to measure.
The i-pad is the same length as Amelia's shoe!
Measuring the classroom with links.
Measuring toys...
Theresults are in!
Emily went to the ice cream parlour!
Theo visited the ice-cream parlour too!
Theo used cars to measure.
He also used a ruler to measure in cm.
Ice-cream maths.

Can you identify these rock pool creatures?

Fuzzy & Dog get caught in a Whirl Storm!

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An original puppet show by Clara!

Introducing the 'Pump it up!' puppet show by Theo.

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She sells seashells on the seashore!

Super work, Emily!
Amelia's shell sketch
Check out this beauty from Edward!
Great job, Henley!

Seaside inspired home learning!

Edward's seascape.
Clara's seaside picture - can you spot her?
Amelia's seaside collage.
Mason's rock pool
Magic Grandad
Theo's rock pool diagram.
What's happening here?
It's a sea turtle!
Aren't they cute!
Emily has been printing - crabs and
What are you making today?
Who's for a game of catch the clown fish?
Magic Grandad by Henley.
All about rock pools by Henley.
What's going on here?
It's a seaside in a jar!
Visiting seaside shops.
Gone fishing!
Painting pebbles.
The finished pebble!
Emily used her hands and feet...
.... to create a seaside painting!
I can clean dirty water!
A Rock pool egg box by Emily.
Making a seagull.
Fantastic writing, Thomas!
Thank you for the postcard, Thomas!
A postcard from Morecambe.
Fish weaving.
Making an ocean in a jar.
The finished jars - they look brilliant!
A day at the beach.

Can you solve Amelia's seashell number problems?

A busy boy making structures out of pebbles and rocks!

Rock pool adventures - let's find out more about these amazing habitats!

Ivy spotted a seal at Half Moon Bay!

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Amelia has been harvesting her radishes.

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Can you remember which storybook character liked to eat spicy red radishes?

Do you remember Ellie's half term challenge?

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Here's Amelia demonstrating her very own activity path!

Thomas has spent the past few weeks learning more about space. Check out his learning journey - it looks very interesting and lots of fun!

In the first video he is creating impact craters, just like the ones created on the moon and in the second he is using a straw to launch his own rocket - ingenious!


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Life Cycle Updates!

Amelia's tadpoles have undergone an amazing transformation! 2 out of her 4 tadpoles have now grown all of their legs and lost their long tails. They have become small but perfectly formed frogs! Just look at how amazing they are. yes



Take a look at Theo's 'big reveal' if you want to find out how many stones were in his jar!

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Here's Audra's estimate, Theo!

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It was very close, Audra - well done!
Theo designed an ice-cream.
Edward made a 'seaside in a jar'.
Edward found these volcanic rocks at the beach!
Audra has been learning about Islam.
Making rose petal perfume - great idea!
Collecting rose petals
Harvesting radish.
Ivy has been following recipes...
...and carrying out colourful science experiments!
Swimming superstar!
Someone has just lost a tooth!
Ivy has been researching the RNLI.
Seaside addition
Mason has answered your question, Henley! I think we're going to need a bigger wall!laugh

Why is the sea salty?

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A seaside acrostic for you to enjoy!

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Look who's joined us at the seaside!

Emily, Clara and Theo have cleverly found out the answer to my 'Wonder wall' question - What is sand made of?

See video and written explanations below yes

I've now added a new question, which was sent in by Audra - I wonder who will answer this one! 


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What do you know about the seaside?

Audra, has a question for the wonderwall.
Great sorting, Clara!
You sorted these features correctly, Emily!
Theo has a new question for the wonder wall.
Great acrostic poem, Theo!
Audra can identify human...
and physical features.
Lovely work!
Good job, Mason!
Great observations, Edward.
A lovely senses poem, Theo!
You watched Magic Grandad very carefully, Emily.
Great work!

What 5 essential items did you pack for your trip to the seaside?


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Who else can recite the months of the year?

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Happy birthday!
I am 6!
So many treats.
Superstar reader!
Audra is growing potatoes!
Bobby is also growing his own veg.
Look at this!
He has very green fingers!
Love the palm tree!

Half term fun & games!

The Life Cycle of a Caterpillar

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I wish I could fly through my work like this!

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Look at her go - super speedy!

Our 1S TikTok Superstar is back with a new challenge!

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Fraction action!
Someone's been working hard!
Who's hiding in here?
Hello there!
This looks interesting!
Who's in your 'Quaranteam'?
Who's this hiding in an Iron Man mask?
Edwrad's chrysalis are wriggling!
More fun in the sun!
Making soup.
Careful painting.
The finished butterfly!
Den building in the woods.
Enjoying a storybook!
A super life cycle page, Henley!

Maths with Harry!

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Teaching mum and dad how to be systematic!

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Fantatstic reasoning from this young man!

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The 'countdowners' have a new member - can you spot him?

Big Dog phonics fun!
Great work, Heidi!
Super sorting and Heidi can read all the words!
Year 2 star word practise - wow!
Check out Sophie and Chloe's hair colours!
Enjoying Big Dog Phonics!
Year 2 Star word practise!
On yer bike!
Supporting our NHS heroes.
MMM...celebrating with a mocktail!
Wow! What an amazing rocket!
More 'Big Dog Phonics' fun!
Star baker!
That looks delicious, Logan!
Messing about on the river!
Keeping fit!
Working together.
What's happening here, boys?
Creating a solar system.
Look who lost their first tooth!
Big Dog Phonics words.

We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when but I know we'll meet again some sunny day!laugh

Mason has created a Chatterpix fact file all about the Queen - it's fantastic!

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What was your favourite fact?

Listen to Ivy's Winston Churchill Chatterpix - it's full of fantastic facts!

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What did you learn?

Let's open the 1S memory box and find out more about the significant people and events found inside.

We are certainly 'in this together'!
I love this message - thanks, Bobby!
Wow! That's a huge leaf...
...who's behind it?
Online learning fun!
Modelling fun.
Fold and fly!
Pasta maths.
Clara's been camping!
Clara's cosy school room!
Working hard in her school room.
Fold and fly!
Check out the size of that plane!
Sunny walks!
Hello girls - what are you up to?
It's a water course - fantastic!
What's made Clara proud of herself?
Bobby enjoying a splash in his pool!
1 minute challenges.
These 2 rode for 10 miles!
On line reading practise!
Off for a dip!
A joyful message!

Diljit's in...yes! Well done, Diljit!

Check out Thomas's fantastic dinosaur non-fiction book.

Who is this smart boy?
Any guesses?
Here he is again!
Did you guess? Lovely to see you here!
Countdown practise!
Mrs Tiggywinkle is back in Heidi's garden!
What's happening here?
Oh my...it's a dinosaur!!!
Look at all these amazing activities.

WOW....MAGIC! How did he do that?

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There's been some marvellous maths investigations going on this week!


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Audra's fishy origami
Paper clip chains - very fiddly work!
Audra has been learning to draw emojis
This looks comfy, Harry!
It's the A-Z challenge...
...great work, Sam!
It's a cloud in a jar...
...here's how to do it!
Looking good!
WOW! Great action shot, Logan!
Chilling in the sun!
Having a splashing time in the garden!

More super science from this superstar!


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Still image for this video

I love this clever use of Chatterpix and maths - great work!

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You've got it!

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Connect 4!
Number Guess Who?
Investigating halving numbers
Star word building
Emily's halving numbers investigation!
Edward's lego fairy house
Check out this amazing tree house design!
Investigating halving numbers
Very organised work space!
More halving investigating
I love this part whole model!
Who's read this fab book?
I inspired this young man to dye a t.shirt
A work in progress
The finished design - wow!

Edward has joined the countdown club! There are now 7 'countdowners' - who will be number 8??

1S News

Check out Amelia's amazing Chatterpix song all about the importance of eating fruit and veg. Amelia wrote this song herself, as one of her 'Be Well' badge challenges, at Rainbows. Amelia's Rainbow Leader loved it so much she sent it to the Girl Guiding Regional Commissioner who decided it was good enough to share on the Girl Guiding website! laugh WOW! How amazing is that?


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Check out these amazing 'Learning Power Pals' display - I love them!

These look great, Sam!
Check out this gardener!
Look, he's a chef too!
Watch out Chris Froome!
Theo has cycled 70km this week - wow!

The countdown club has welcomed a new member - great work, Mason!

Mason's spring oak tree
Emily's spring oak tree - super colour mixing!
Isla's spring oak tree.
Edward's spring oak tree
Bobby's spring oak tree
Sam's spring oak tree
Clara's spring oak tree
Good observational skills - well done!
Look at this super scientist!
How to make slime.
That looks super slimy!
Slimey slime
Lego food making
Cooling off!
1 minute challenges - these are great, Audra!
These look interesting, Isla!
All planted!
Colourful leaf rubbings from Audra.
Edward's A-Z scavenger hunt
Heidi's A-Z scavenger hunt - a super list!
What letter does this represent?
Amelia H's A-Z scavenger hunt - fantastic!
Connect 4!
Superstar reader
Soap making
I love this idea!
Leaf rubbings...
and bark rubbings!
Another master chef in the making!
Ivy made a house for her cat.
Watching Torrisholme TV - her favourite channel!
Bug hunting!
 Look who's arrived! Welcome to the world baby Sofia. 

What can you see from your window - paint a picture with words!

Dinosaur roar!
Birdspotting in the garden
Great work!
Edward's amazing lego house
This took 6 hours to build!
It has two floors!
Fun in the sun!
Rainbow painting
Tell me a story Mrs Scholey!
Ivy has been A-Z scavenging!

Look who has joined the countdown club - great work, Isla!

Connect 4! Great game playing girls!

Easter nests
Fantastic work, Thomas!
Painting eggs
An amazing non-fiction page
Thomas's spring flowers
Clap for carers
Superstar speller!
I love this hammock idea!
Collecting bits and bobs on a walk
Check out this little chef!
I love this poster - brilliant!
Great facts too!
Wow - check out that pet cat!!
Emily's phonics challenge!
Bonus points awarded for rule breakers!
She did it!
Bobby has joined the code crackers - fab!
Can you crack this message?
Playing 'Number Guess Who?' - Fab work!
Counting in tens bowling game

Look who was caught visiting Heidi's garden - it's Mrs Tiggywinkle!

There are now four children in the 'Countdown Club' - who will be next?

A lovely message for us all!

Still image for this video
Enjoying times tables rockstars
Where are you boys?
Den building
Telling the time
Making arrays
Emily's 1 minute challenges - fab!

Audra wrote a review of The Trolls movie - look at her fantastic writing!

The first 'Chatterpix' book reviews are here for you all to listen to and enjoy. I hope they inspire you to pick up a book this week.yes

Remember you can log-in to Oxford Owls and select from a huge variety of e-books for free so what are you waiting for!

Please keep your reviews coming - they are BRILLIANT!! blush

chatterpix review A.mov

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chatterpix review (2).mp4

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chatterpix review.mov

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chatterpix review.mp4

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Logan's decorated eggs
Having fun at the river
Baking bread
Planting seeds
Playing pirates
Check out this amazing fort!
I love those Easter branches.
A super mindfulness mobile
Audra's shopping list
Bubble making fun
Edward's diary entry

You read your acrostic poem so confidently - well done!

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A fantastic Easter poem to enjoy!

Still image for this video

Another Easter acrostic poem to enjoy!

Still image for this video

A very funky Easter message from these two TikToc dancers!

Still image for this video

Happy Easter 1S - I miss you all a lot!

A wonderful Easter acrostic poem!

Still image for this video
Happy Easter to you too! I love my card x
Decorated Easter branches
An Easter acrostic poem
Colouring rainbows
A super Easter acrostic poem
Making a Mindful Mobile
The finished mobile - fantastic!
Great Easter bonnet
Thank you!
Aquabead fun
Egg rolling - who will win?
Audra's acrostic poem

Prepare to be wowed by this amazing solar system mobile!

Still image for this video
A super acrostic poem by Emily!
Telling the time by a mindful mobile
Spelling practise
Baking bread
Junk model making
Mmmm delicious!
1S classroom in progress
Emily dreams of becoming a vet
Emily's butterfly
A super garden bird, Emily
Ivy's wishing well
Can you crack Isla's message?
Minfulness mobile
Playing Nessy Phonics
Digraph hunting

Edward has started recounting the events from his new Harry Potter reading book - great idea, Edward!

It's a dinosaur dig!
Star words
She's a code breaker!
Well done, Audra!
Heidi has been commutative! WOW!
Edward's a code cracker too!
Edward's giant art!
Planting apple seeds
The perfect spot for reading a book
Amelia A is a code breaker too!
Can you crack this one?
Mini egg maths!
Helping mum in the kitchen
He's a code breaker!
I did it!
Fantastic writing, Theo!
Great obstacle course!
Egg box maths
Cracking the code!
You did it, Ivy!

Theo's birds.mov

Still image for this video
Theo wrote a report all about the bird family
Bobby's dream house and car
Look at the detail!
Bobby's fact file
Edward's poster
Ivy's poster and fact file
Amelia.A's poster
Fantastic work
Amelia A's amazing model
Henry's 1S classroom
Lots of 1S features here!
A 3D model from Audra!