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Wednesday 3rd March


Using the eBook library or your child’s phonics books from school encourage your child to read their book to you by sounding and blending each word. Remember Miss Shepherd's top tips from her video on Monday!


Watch the video and learn some facts about different farm animals. What new things did you learn? Now write down a fact about each animal on separate pieces of paper. Keep the facts to 3 or 4 words in a sentence e.g. ‘it gives us milk’ for a cow. Attach the sheets together to create your own farm animal book.

Farm Animals - learn & make a book


Watch Miss Shepherd's video and learn how to play a scoring game and write your own number sentences. You’ll need some trays/bowls with numbers 1-5 on or in front of to aim at and two items to throw (teddies/soft balls/ball of socks etc). You’ll also need paper and pencil. Your child may be able to use their fingers to add or you may need some objects.

Scoring addition game

Wider Curriculum
Which activity will you choose today from the pick and mix activity pack? We'd love to see what you get up to - post it on evidence me.