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Broomstick Lesson

Read Broomstick Lesson:

How do you think Harry was feeling?

How is Madam Hooch described?

How would you feel to be taught by her?

Watch the film version of this scene.

Do you notice anything that is different to the book?

What is the same?

Harry Potter's First Flying Lesson

Harry Potter's first flying lesson with Madam Hooch.

Order the events of the story.

Think about how you would feel at different parts of the Broomstick lesson. 

Complete 'How would you feel?'

Use some of the Emotion Vocabulary in your answers.

Now for some writing: Write about taking part in a Broomstick Lesson. Describe what you do and how you feel, what happens to you and what happens to other people. Include some sentences with conjunctions joining clauses together.

Fun-Time Extras:

Can you design a broomstick? Make a labelled diagram to show its magical features.  Can you make your own broomstick charm? Follow the instructions on this video: