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Story writing - End


Today, you're going to write some dialogue between the children and the Victorian children. They make friends and the Stella character will give one of the children something to keep e.g. friendship bracelet. The children then have to rush back home incase they are missed and promise to come back again another time. When they arrive back in their own time, the old Mrs Moon character invites them into her house. The Stella character sees the item she has given to the Victorian girl looking old and tattered on top of the dresser. She begins to wonder..... Is this the same person?

Leave the story on a cliffhanger.

How many conjunctions have you used today? Were they in the middle of the sentence or at the beginning?

Well done for completing your story! I'm very proud of you.

If you would like to publish your story, there is a blank writing frame you can use below.

Don't forget to send me any finished stories!