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Autumn 1


What a wonderful last day of term we have had!! The children worked really hard in Maths and produced some brilliant work. We are working on number bonds within 10 and the ability to work systematically and all of the children are doing fantastic!


Thank you to the children who brought in an old book- I have sent them home in the sealed plastic bags ready for you to hide them during half term. 


Have a fantastic half term 1G you have worked so hard and I am really proud of the progress every single one of you is making. You have settled in brilliantly to life in Year 1 and deserve a lovely weeks rest :)


This week in Literacy our story focus is 'The Tale of the Naughty Little Rabbit'. The children are really enjoying it so far. In the story, Peter the Naughty Rabbit, finds himself in Mr Mcgregors garden eating all of his lovely vegetables. Today the children turned into bunny rabbits and nibbled some vegetables themselves! The children had to generate some lovely adjectives to describe how the vegetables tasted, felt and looked and they came up with some brilliant ideas.


The children had a great time in Judo again this morning! 


In the afternoon the children worked on the inequality symbols: Less than, greater than and equal to in Maths. The children all picked it up really well and produced some lovely examples with the resources. After Maths the children went on a walk outside to look at our trees as they are learning about deciduous and evergreen trees as part of our Secret Garden topic. They picked leaves and made comparisons between the two different types of trees and are going to keep an eye on them over the next couple of weeks to see if their predictions about which type of tree was which were correct :)!! The children also planted bulbs such as Daffodils and Crocus in our outside classroom so we are looking forward to seeing these grow. 


We had a lovely day today doing lots of activities outdoors. This week in Literacy our book is Superworm so we went on a mini-beast/ Superworm hunt outside. The children found spiders, woodlouse, butterfly's, bees, (very large) slugs and some even managed to find some Superworms.


In the afternoon as part of our Secret Garden topic the children made a map of our outdoor classroom area and drew some lovely observational drawings of the different plants they could see on their maps. The children also found some 'pieces of Autumn' such as leaves, pinecones, petals and sticks to glue onto their maps. The maps are hanging up in the classroom please always feel free to pop in after school to have a nosy at what we have been up to :)




We had a lovely day today in 1G. The children had Maths this morning where they continued working on their ability to count one more, using lots of resources. After break we had Literacy where we went on an imaginary walk around our classroom zoo listening to all the different animals and impersonating them. This weeks book was Polar Bear Polar Bear, what do you hear? and the children have been working really hard to use question marks in their sentences. 


After lunch we decided to complete our daily weather diary in our outdoor classroom and make the most of the sunshine. The children have observed the weather each day this week and drawn pictures in their diary's. Following this we made our own classroom weather report. Have a brilliant weekend 1G!





Wow!! The children had so much fun in their first Judo session this morning. They absolutely loved it. They all joined in and had a really good go and listened perfectly to the coach who was very impressed with all of the children. Today the children learnt how to perform a Mune Gatame (chest hold).






What a brilliant week we have had in 1G so far! The children have been working really hard and are settling in to our daily routines.


Thank you for your continued support with reading at home, it is so helpful reading your comments in the children's reading diaries.


Thank you to everyone who came to our Curriculum Evening last night it was great to see such a huge turnout and please know you are welcome to come for a chat at anytime. For those who missed it I will pop the presentation on this page.


Every Wednesday morning the children have Write Dance which is a handwriting activity where they practise their motor skills in a variety of different ways. We start with a story and each week there is a different theme, then the children are encouraged to go off and begin their Write Dance drawings. This week I read the story of the Krongilidong to the children. Here they are showing off their lovely work. The children absolutely love Write Dance and are always really engaged. Ask them to show you what a Krongilidong is :)!!





13/09/2019 Magic Maths:

This week the children have been working hard to produce different representations of numbers and sorting objects into groups. Some children even began to write number sentences using the resources- amazing!! Here they are hard at work...