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Wednesday 10th February

Log in using your individual username and password into the Collins eBook Library and encourage your child to choose a book and sound talk the words and sentences to read it to you.
Watch Mrs Robinson's story below called Cleversticks. Now can you chat to your adult at home about the story - what happened in the beginning, middle and end? Can you talk about the things that you are good at, how did you get so good at them? 

Cleversticks Story

Use the sheet in your pack, cut out the snakes and put them in order from the longest to the shortest. Start by lining up all of the snakes with their tails in line, this will help you to see their length clearly. As a warm up have a look at the photos below and answer the question;
Wider Curriculum - check out the Chinese New Year Pick and Mix activities sheet in your pack. Which fun activity will you pick to do together today?