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Thursday 13th January



Today's activity is in your paper pack. You need to sound out the sounds and blend them to read a word. Colour the picture in the correct colour. Make sure you take your time when colouring, slow down and move your pencil in the same direction - try to keep in the lines. 


Its time to go outside and play a shape game. Chalk some 2D shapes onto the ground (or use pencil and paper) and the adult needs to shout out a 2D shape name, children are to run and jump onto that shape. Can you tell your grown up how many sides it has? How many corners does that shape have?


Now, go and find some twigs in your garden and make your own 2D shapes. Can you make a triangle? How many twigs do you need?


 You may even want to make a 2D shape picture. Send us your creations! 

Wider Curriculum

Have a look at some of the videos and documents below and learn some new facts about cold places and the animals that live there. Talk with your grown ups about all of the information! 

Penguins Information Book