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Daily warm up - speech

Now that you have reminded yourself of what a noun phrase is and how they are useful to describe things, have a go at using really carefully chosen language to describe one of the settings from the picture below.

Think about being specific with your adjectives - don't just say pink, state what shade of pink. Is it bright fuschia pink, is it baby pink or neon pink? Look at the objects in the picture and describe what material they are made of and what it may feel or look like - is it wooden? Metal? Wonky or crooked? Is it covered in cobwebs or ivy? What colour is it? How would it feel?


Remember to use your senses to describe what the setting may smell, sound, taste, feel and look like.  


The more specific and descriptive your noun phrases, the more your writing creates images in the mind. 


adjective adjective noun - golden yellow leaves,  vivid indigo poppies, colossal arm-like branches


There is an example for you to look at for ideas. Use Word Hippo or a thesaurus to find exciting descriptive words. 

An example