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Tuesday 2nd March


Phonics with Miss Shepherd - ee


Use the farm animal reading sheet to sound talk, blend and read each sentence. What did the sentence say? If you’re not sure re-read and listen to what you’re reading this time. Now draw a line to the picture that matches.


Cut out the numicon pieces in your pack and spread the 1 – 5 pieces out on the floor. Ask your child to pick two 1 – 5 numicon pieces, which two numbers have you got? Let’s add them together. Fit the two numicon pieces together and see which number you’ve made? Which numicon piece would fit on top? e.g. when numicon 3 and 2 are placed together a numicon 5 fits on top so 3+2=5. (please keep the numicon for Friday)

Wider Curriculum
Which activity will you choose today from the pick and mix activity pack? We'd love to see what you get up to - post it on evidence me.