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Tuesday 12th January

Log in to your Collins Big Cat eBook Library and encourage your child to read one of their allocated books.


Make cards for the words - I no go to the into


Play a selection of games with these cards. You could play:


Pairs – turn all the cards face down and take turns to find pairs.
Photographer – spread the cards out. Adult say a word and child takes a photo of that word (using a phone/tablet etc with a camera)
Aiming – spread the cards out or chalk the words on the ground. Adult says a word child throws a ball/bean bag/soft toy at that word.


Your activity for today is in your paper pack! You need to cut out the shapes and stick them into the correct box. Think about what shape it is? How many sides does it have? How many corners does it have?


Mrs McDonald has been on a shape hunt around school - she has found some 3D shapes but on them are 2D faces. Which 2D shapes can you see on the shapes that she is holding? Can you find some of these shapes around your house - go and have a look!

Wider Curriculum

Go to the Purple Mash wesbite link below. Search for our school (Morecambe and Heysham Torrisholme Community Primary School) and log in using the username: reception  password: reception


Click tools and scroll down to Simple City.