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I hope you have all enjoyed lots of fun times during the sunny half term and recharged yourselves for an exciting end to the year.
We have so much planned that will bring the summer vibe and send us off on our summer break with a real feel-good vibe.

More will be revealed as each week unfolds...



Welcome to

      our Pop Shop,

            Keith Haring style!


Since returning to school, we have explored the work of the late American artist, Keith Haring. He has such a vibrant style of work that we thought we could take inspiration from. And just look at what we have produced in collaboration... all working together on shared paper to decorate our walls much like Haring’s all over print in his New York Pop Shop. Look at the figures and see how we have tried to create a sense of movement with our drawings. 
We worked incredibly hard to develop and refine our techniques and we are understandably proud of our efforts! 

Comic Relief 2019 Friday 19th March 2021

4T Santa Dash 

The children loved their Santa Dash this morning. The weather conditions were ideal for dashing around the track. Father Christmas led the festive warm-up with such activities as: turkeys flapping, penguins waddling, skaters skating and cracker pulling.

Shout out to 4T!🤩

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