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Spring 2


We have learned our new topic of Dinosaurs. We have been researching the different kinds of dinosaurs and whether they were herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. We have then created our own dinosaur fact files. 

Exploring the Properties of Materials 🔎


We have had a very exciting afternoon exploring the properties of different materials. We used feely boxes to describe objects to our friends using super vocabulary such as rigid, fragile and absorbent, we tried to guess what materials were hiding in the balloons, we investigated which objects were waterproof in the water trays and sorted objects into different materials. We loved sharing our findings with our friends! What super scientists you are 1KR!

Today we have been super scientists again and carried out another investigation! We were trying to find out which material would be best to make an umbrella. We talked about our predictions first before getting straight to work and finding out! We made sure we carried out a fair test by using the same amount of water on each material and then measuring how much water had leaked through into the measuring cup. At the end of the investigation we talked about what we had found out and if our predictions were correct. Here is a handy tip - don't make an umbrella out of paper! 

💧Exploring Capacity💧


We have had lots of fun today beginning our learning about capacity. We began to describe and record capacity using full, empty and half full. Our mathematical investigation today was to find out how many little, medium and big cups it took to fill our buckets with water!

Eggcellent Eggsperiment!


We have had the best time this afternoon making and testing our egg protection devices! We carefully cut up our materials, used super team work to wrap our precious eggs and then had great fun dropping them from a height just like Humpty Dumpty's fall! Out of 30 eggs we had 3 survive!