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We have two Reception classes that work very closely together!
Class RR - Mrs Robinson, Miss Hall and Mrs Thornburrow
Class RS - Miss Shepherd, Mrs McDonald and Mrs Moizer


On a Friday morning, Miss Shepherd and Mrs Robinson have PPA. During this time, Class RS will be taught by Mrs Green and Class RR will be taught by Mrs Hunter.


This is our very own page where we will share all the exciting things that we have been doing! Keep checking back to see up-to-date photos and information. 

Our Newsletters
Handa's Surprise

We have enjoyed learning the story 'Handa's Surprise' during our Africa/ Safari topic. Check out the photos below that show our story map, story writing, storytelling indoors and outdoors and creating the characters using collage and paint.

Part Part Whole Model

In Maths, we have been exploring with 'part part whole models.' We know that whole numbers can be split into different parts. Check the pictures below of us using different resources to split numbers into parts.

Healthy Living Week
Leighton Moss School Trip

During healthy living week we learnt some rules and steps to brushing our teeth and washing our hands properly. We practised brushing our teeth for 2 minutes making sure we brushed the front and book of each tooth. We used glitter as germs to demonstrate how easily they spread. We also practised different hand positions to wash the palms, fingers, thumbs and back of our hands with soap.

We had a fantastic time on our school trip to Leighton Moss. We went on a mini-beast hunt, went pond dipping, made our own perfume out of flowers and we watched birds from a look-out. 
Plants Topic

Wow, look at these sentences that the children have written independently about plants!

Halving in Maths

We have been learning how to halve things in maths! We have looked at halving real life objects like a cake or a drink and have been halving numbers! We know that when we halve something it is split into two equal parts.

Mini-beasts Topic

The children have learnt so many new facts about different mini-beasts! Check out the sentences some of the children have been writing independently too!


Today we played 'smash it subtraction' The children loved taking-away by smashing an amount of play dough lumps flat to see how many were left.

Pedal and Scoot!


This week, we have had a fantastic week! We have learnt to ride our bikes at school. Lots of children in Reception can now ride a bike without stabilisers! Wow! 


We loved making Easter/ Spring chocolate nests together! We carefully followed the instructions and they turned out great!

Check out our brilliant 'Easter Bunny' creations and writing!


We have been focusing on language linked to length/ height. The children have made some great duplo towers for Rapunzel and had lots of discussion regarding the different lengths of her hair and their towers.

It was great fun having our 'grown-ups' come to school for WOW day! We had a craft afternoon making Rapunzel towers. The finished products were amazing and the children used showed off so many of their creative skills along the way!

We have been using BeeBots in ICT. We have been learning how to programme them to go in a certain direction and this has been developing our propositional language. 
World Book Day!

We brought our favourite books to school and shared them with the year 2 children! We had a lovely time.


We had a special visitor today as part of our Frozen topic! We were so excited to see Olaf knocking at our classroom door. Olaf had heard all about our 'Frozen' topic and just had to come and see.

Christmas Time!

We really enjoyed our visit from Debbie Green from NISCU - she told the Nativity story through puppets and songs.

We loved singing the shepherd song with Debbie!

Still image for this video
Sleepy shepherds
Post Box Walks

We were so excited to post our letters to Santa! Even the rain didn't put us off! We can't wait to hear back from him.

People Who Help Us

Today the firefighters came into school to talk to us about their job, their uniform and how they help people. We learnt lots, watched Mrs Robinson get into the fireproof uniform in 59 seconds and even got to sit in the fire engine! We all got to use the hose too - it was very exciting!


We have been writing words in our phonics lesson! Why not have a go at home? Think of a simple three letter word, ask your child to put the sounds from this word on their 'Fred Fingers' and then write them down.

We have been writing our red sight words too! We know that our red words are sneaky and try to trick us so we just have to remember them!

Name Writing

We are becoming confident with our names! We know which letters are in our name and we are learning how to form them correctly using our phonics rhymes!


We have been enjoying our 'Mastery Maths' activities! Today we were introduced to the number rods! Each number rod represents a number. We made pictures and patterns with them first. Then we used a colour spinner to race to build a number rod number line. Finally, we matched the number cards to each rod.

We are becoming really confident with the Numicon! We are learning which colour and shape numicon represents each number. We can about their size and how many holes they have. We can order them into a number line too. Today we enjoyed playing 'fill the baseboard' which involved us using lots of language to problem solve filling the gaps with the appropriate Numicon pieces.

A Very Windy Day!

Still image for this video
Today was so windy - we turned some plastic bags into kites - it was very exciting!

More Kite Flying

Still image for this video

We have been having fantastic PE lessons! We have been trying to make our muscles strong by doing lots of big movements with our arms and legs.

We have been doing lots of activities to strengthen our muscles! It is important to have strong core, shoulder, arm, wrist and finger muscles so we can write successfully. Check out some pictures of our 'movement time' activities below.

We've loved exploring our new classrooms!