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Day 4 Friday


Warm-up: TT Rockstars

Log-in and compete in the TT Rockstar battle set up between 3B and 3H… Good Luck!


Main activity: Converting pounds and pence.

Children should complete the worksheet.


Extension- using 5 coins, can you make £!? How about using 7 coins?


Continue reading Chapter 2 stopping at the bottom of Page 9 where it says ‘searching for an answer that didn’t seem to be there.’


Who or what do you think is hiding in the tent?

Write a prediction using clues from the text to justify your idea.



We can’t wait to read your predictions so don’t forget to email them to us year3@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk

I predict that beneath this mysterious, red and white striped tent is a magical, mystical shrunken goblin because in the text, when it describes the tent, it says, "they were usually small but this one was minute". So something pocket sized must fit inside. If I were to describe what I think the goblin looks like, it would be short and stumpy. I think it has a shiny, shimmering velvet cloak on that is as blue as the ocean. I also think this goblin owns a magic wand and maybe has an incredible book of spells because how else could you explain the fact that it is in Suzy's house?

Day 4 – Terrific Topic


Look at Section one- A Floating Crust (page 4 and 5).

Read over these two pages and discuss with an adult.

Check what the orange highlighted words mean in the Glossary and complete the questions on page 4 and 5.



Send your teacher an email on Purple Mash telling us how your week has been and what you have been up to. laugh