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Friday 26th June 2020


Your writing task is to write a diary using the features we have learned about diary writing in year 2. You need to write it in the first person, that means 'I' and in the past tense.

You can write a diary about yourself and what you have been doing or you can write a diary as if you are a pet. Now this diary can be about what the pet gets up to or it can be in the style of The Diary of the Killer Cat that we have been reading on Torrisholme TV this week.

Whichever type of diary you do, remember you are pretending to be the character that is writing the diary. So it is I barked at the postman NOT the dog barked at the postman.


You will find a film clip of me writing one of the days of the diary, which I am calling The Diary of the Scary Dog, on Torrisholme TV https://torrisholme-community-primary-school.primarysite.media/media/diary-writing-activity


Below is a planning sheet if you want to use it and photographs of my plan and my writing.


I would love to see your diaries, send them to me on year2@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk