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This week we are going to focus on measures. We will be looking at height, length, time and weight. Please encourage your child to use mathematical language such as: shorter, longer, bigger, smaller, lighter and heavier etc.

Activity 1 - 

Please use the PowerPoint below as a prompt to discuss different units of measurement. Look at the pictures and compare objects by their height, size, distance apart. Please encourage your child to use mathematical language such as: bigger, smaller, longer, shorter etc. 

Activity 2 - Length

Gather one pair of shoes from each person in your household. Use a piece of paper and pencil to draw around each persons shoe. Then measure each shoe outline with bricks, ruler or different measuring equipment. Compare the different in the length of shoes. Write down your findings. This does not have to be in cm and the skill is not focusing on reading a rules. Just compare the amount of bricks used. Encourage your child to talk about the results using mathematical language. 

Challenge - Complete the caterpillar length worksheet. 

Activity 3 - Weight

Make your own scales and compare the weight of different items from around your home! 

Activity 4 - Height

Get some chalk and draw around each person in your household. (You can draw around teddies if you wish to). Measure the length of each persons outline, using bricks, a pair of shoes or any other measuring equipment. Talk about who is the tallest . shortest. Measure everyone's arms and legs too. 

Activity 5 - Time

Time challenges

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