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Writing a non-chronological report

For the next two weeks, we will be looking at information pages and writing our own information page on an aspect of space. 


What is a non-chronological report?

A non-chronological report is an information page where the information, pictures, diagrams etc can be presented in any order. Here is an example ( you will find these in your pack).


Information about non-chronological reports

In this lesson we are going to identify the different features of a non-chronological report and label an example.

Here is a list of features you may find:

  •  title
  • subheadings
  • opening/ general paragraph
  • information paragraphs
  • pictures
  • diagrams
  • captions
  • fun facts
  • examples of formal language


Activity 1

Pick one of the information pages about the Moon.

Write each of the features on a post-it note (or cut up the labels provided)

Stick the post-it or label onto the Moon page, identifying the different features.




Label a non-chronological report

Activity 2

Draw a quick design of your own non-chronological report on the Moon.

Here are some things to consider:

  • The title should be big and bold;
  • The opening paragraph should have big writing and is close to the title;
  • The three information paragraphs can be placed anywhere.
  • Don't forget to add shapes for fun facts, pictures or diagrams.

Activity 3 - (this will be continued tomorrow so check Tuesday's page)

On a double page in your writing book, design your background picture. Draw this in pencil as you will be writing over it. Remember our non-chronological report, this week, is about the Moon. You could include the Moon’s surface, an astronaut or space landing module.

check out tomorrow’s lesson on how to draw an astronaut!

Monday 18th January Activity sheet

Week 3 spellings