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Pets Corner

Elswyth's ferret, Max.

This is Louis' puppy called Jasper

Zach's dog!

Michael's guinea pigs!

Alfie's dogs Maisy and Holly. They are best friends and they love to walk and play.

5J Harry's cute cats

Mrs Hunter's Pets

Poppy's dog

Joshua M's cat!

Liliana's pets

Charlie's dog

Mrs Haine's sister's puppy

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This is Walter. He belongs to Mrs Haine's sister. He is a dachshund-poodle mix. He is 9 weeks old and has just learnt his first trick.

Alfie's dog

Mrs Jones’ cat Charley sunbathing

Mrs Jones’ pet cat Gary playing ‘Fetch the Bobble’

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Lily-May's pets

Grace's dogs

Edie's lovely horse!

Mrs Harrison's dog!

Charlie's Cats!

Valentine's cat

Alexa's Dog

Amara's Dog

Oliver's cat