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Group 2

Thursday 4th February 2021


Continue to read and listen to Day 4 of the story of Mulan.

Activity 1 - Starter

Find the missing words in the text. Use the PowerPoint to help you.


  1. I’d have to bring her home with a ________ to get back in the temple.


  1. With that, Mushu raced off with the __________ hopping after.


  1. “Punch him,” whispered Mushu. “It’s how men say ________.”


  1. The troops were _________ and ___________ food at each other.

Activity 2 - Main lesson

You will need to find the following worksheets:

Watch the following clip to help you with the following activity:

Mulan Training Scene

You are going to pretend to be Mulan and write a diary entry about your first day.


Consider the following points before you write:

  • Make a list of the different things that happen.
  • How are you getting on with the other soldiers?
  • What is the captain like?
  • Do you think it is going well?
  • Will you survive this?  


***Extra challenge

Can you add a question using a question mark?