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Friday 5th March


Visit www.ictgames.com and click English Games. Have a go at the following phonics games;
-Spooky Sounds
-Phonics Pop
-Poop Deck Pirates
-Forest Phonics


Use the curly caterpillar handwriting sheets to trace and write the letters correctly. Ensure your child starts each of the letters with a curly c shape as they practise.


Watch the video to learn how to tell cool addition stories using numicon. You’ll need to put your numicon pieces 1-5 (from Tuesday) into a bag for this activity. Any kind of carrier bag/hand bag etc will work. As you pick out two numicon pieces without looking tell a story then put them together to add. “once upon a time there was 2 cows in a field then 3 more came along now there’s 5… 2+3=5”

Numicon Addition Stories

Wider Curriculum
Which activity will you choose today from the pick and mix activity pack? We'd love to see what you get up to - post it on evidence me.